How To Remove Stains & Smells From Commercial Carpet & Upholstery

Office Hallway with dirty carpetThere’s one simple yet proven way to remove all stains and smells from your commercial carpet and upholstery. It starts with Tidy and ends with Team! Commercial carpet and upholstery regularly undergoes a lot of wear tear, as a result it’s not uncommon for unsightly stains and stinky odors to develop. You can try to remove the eye and nose sore on your own, or you could hire Tidy Team to take care of the task.

Stains and smells are only going to get worse over time, and oftentimes the tricks people use to remove these issues actually make things worse. That doesn’t have to be you! Our family owned and operated business has the experience and tools to clean just about any carpet or upholstery, even sensitive fabrics and most antiques.

Hospitals, veterinary clinics, restaurants and banks are all very different businesses but they have one thing in common: high risk for stinky and obvious stains on everything from carpeting to upholstery. In fact, all businesses are at risk for this.

We work with specially formulated cleaning products and equipment, which allows us to offer a deep clean that is second to none. Our professional steamers paired with fine-tuned spot cleaning practices have proven capable at removing some of the worst stains out there.

Here are a couple spot cleaning methods you could use for smaller stains or odors.

How To Remove Stains From Upholstery

Permanent ink and other common stains can be a real pain to remove from upholstery, although thankfully it’s possible to remove almost any stain. We have our own tools and tricks for the task, but if you want to try a DIY method you could use alcohol or vinegar and soapy water to attempt to remove the stain.

As soon as the stain occurs try blotting at it with a clean cloth, be careful not to rub, as this will spread the stain around. Work from the outside edges inwards, carefully absorbing as much as possible as you go along. 

If your stain persists, turn to the alcohol. Try out a small dot of alcohol on a discreet spot to make sure it doesn’t ruin your couch fabric. If the test spot doesn’t appear different in color or appearance after one minute you should be fine to use on the entire stain surface. Just don’t pour the alcohol directly onto the stain, instead blot your cloth with the alcohol and use this to dab at the stain, careful not to rub or wipe at it. Clean and rinse thoroughly.

Use the same process with vinegar instead of alcohol. Dilute the vinegar using 1-tablespoon dish soap, 2-teaspoons white vinegar, and 1-cup water.

Removing Odors From Carpet

The thing about carpeting is that it’s a magnet for all things dirty, and is no stranger to stains and smells. Steam cleaning carpets with our special solution will make a huge difference in the way your commercial carpets look and smell. Yet, if you want a DIY method to try on your own, the ‘baking soda trick’ is a way to dissolve many smells in carpets.

  • At night, or after everyone goes home for the day, spread baking soda evenly over affected carpets so that a generous layer is present throughout. Leave the baking soda just like so overnight.
  • The next morning, use a vacuum to suck up all of the baking soda. 
  • Next, use a steam cleaner filled with distilled white vinegar to clean carpets. White vinegar actively kills bacteria and also removes odors caused by tar and resin.
  • Set up fans and open all windows so that carpeting dries quickly. If the carpet remains moist for too long it will develop mold, which is going to smell really bad and virtually dissolve all of your hard work.

This multi-step trick should help to remove a variety of smells, including deeply rooted smoke smells. Of course, this is an extensive process for a business to deal with amongst all of the other day-to-day tasks that need to get done. Not to mention, one simple mistake could negate all of your hard work and make the problem even worse. That’s why hiring a professional service is your best bet.

Clean Stains & Odors As Quickly As Possible

Remember that with all stains the goal is to remove it as soon as possible, the longer it sits the harder it will be to completely remove. In fact, damaging stains and substances lingering in carpets and on upholstery can cause odors.

People often assume odors will dissipate on their own, but that’s not the case. In order to remove the stench, you must remove the issue, which only deep cleaning can do.

With over 29-years of experience, Tidy Team Services knows what it takes to get your commercial upholstery and carpets looking and smelling like new again. Call us today for a free quote to see just how competitive our pricing truly is.