The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The Importance of Commercial Carpet CleaningCommercial carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your business looking its best. Carpet is home to dirt, dust, hair, bacteria, dust mites, and more, meaning simply vacuuming and spot cleaning simply won’t keep your office carpets cleaned sufficiently. With professional, commercial carpet cleaning your carpet will be stain free, sanitized, and looking and smelling better due to the superior cleaning capabilities of your commercial cleaning service’s expertise.

Don’t let time or budget constraints, or the fact that the carpet “looks fine” keep you from having your carpet professionally cleaned. Commercial carpet cleaning can make a huge impact on customers’ first impressions, a healthy office environment, and employee satisfaction. Let’s face it clean carpets keep the office spaces fresh and sanitized, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers and a healthy workplace for employees. Here’s why commercial cleaning is so important and what you should expect when you have it done.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Important

Commercial carpet cleaning is more important than you think. Though appearance is a significant reason to have your business’s carpets cleaned, here a few more reasons for getting the job done.

  • Improved Air Quality – While you may think your carpet looks pretty good considering the traffic in your space, the truth is odors, dirt, and bacteria are buried deep in your carpet. Each of these pollutants affect the air quality in your office. Commercial carpet cleaning is an investment in your customers’ and your employees’ health.
  • Increased Business – Your customers and clients are influenced by the first impression you make when they visit your business. Having your carpets professionally cleaned ensures not only a deep clean, but also helps maintain your carpet’s appearance and makes it long wearing. A clean, odor free, polished environment will help your business attract more customers and help your business succeed. Don’t let a first impression, marred by dirty carpet, be your last impression.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Your employees spend a lot of hours at your business, so making their environment comfortable, fresh, and clean with commercial carpet cleaning means they will be more productive. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll have a lower number of call outs for sickness because of dust, bacteria, and other contaminants hiding in your carpet. Get your carpets cleaned for a germ-free environment that will enhance your team members productivity.
  • Longer Lasting Carpets – Commercial carpet cleaning specialists will ensure your carpets are cleaned properly with the best equipment and cleaners, designed to help our carpet look great and last longer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner’s Checklist

When your commercial carpet cleaning team arrives to clean your carpets, the process should begin with pre-vacuuming, followed by pre-treatment. These two simple steps prepare your carpet for the best possible clean. Pre-vacuuming is performed with a commercial grade vacuum designed to remove dust, dirt, and hair before carpet cleaning extraction starts. After vacuuming, a highly concentrated cleaner is applied to pretreat stains and breakdown embedded dirt, dust, and other particles.

Next, comes dirt extraction, followed by deodorization. The extraction process utilizes a steam cleaning system which removes embedded dirt, cleaning the carpet fibers thoroughly. A deodorizing application comes next to remove odors and ensure a great smelling carpet. Finally, a neutralizer is applied to prevent future dirt accumulation and help your office’s carpet stay clean longer. Lastly, your commercial carpet cleaning team will inspect for any stubborn stains, utilizing a special spotting solution for removal, which is followed by carpet grooming to complete the job.

When the time comes to have your business’s carpet cleaned, call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Service to get the job done right!