The Most Important Industrial Cleaning Services

The-Most-Important-Industrial-Cleaning-ServicesIndustrial cleaning services ensure your business remains free of mold and mildew, and provides a safe environment for employees and customers.

Manufacturing plants, warehouses and other industrial facilities require great attention to detail when it comes to professional cleaning services. An experienced cleaning team knows how to handle and best clean a wide variety of industrial settings, equipment and surfaces.

Common Industrial Cleaning Services

Power Washing

Power washing is easily one of the most highly sought after industrial cleaning services. It’s a great tool for cleaning concrete, asphalt and other common materials used in industrial workplace settings. Power washing can remove mold and mildew as well as tough stains from tile, grout and other hard-to-clean surfaces. 

There are two types of pressure washing, high-pressure and ultra high-pressure washing. High-pressure washing is anything between 25 and 250 bar, while ultra high-pressure washing is anything over 350 bar. A professional cleaning team knows exactly what each surface needs, preventing the possibility for damage or inadequate cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

No matter how much you vacuum or spot-clean there’s no replacement for a thorough carpet cleaning. Industrial settings with carpeting tend to get dirty really fast and often build up layers of potentially toxic debris. As a result, carpet cleaning is a very popular cleaning service we are proud to provide.

There are three types of soils that build up on carpeting: organic, inorganic and combination. Organic soils include things like motor oil, yeast, bacteria, grease and mold. Inorganic materials include rust, hard water deposits and minerals like silt, clay and sand. Combination is the hardest to remove because it contains both organic and inorganic compounds. In most cases it requires a concentrated cleanser that includes a solvent.

Other Flooring Surfaces

Carpets are far from the only flooring surfaces we routinely clean. Everything from concrete to wood to tile requires special equipment and attention to detail in order to properly clean and maintain. Remember, the more frequently you keep up with routine maintenance cleaning the longer surfaces last, postponing how frequently you have to rip up and replace flooring. 

Window Cleaning

If your plant, warehouse or other industrial workplace has windows they need regular cleaning in order to prevent an unsightly appearance and unhealthy workplace. Window cleaning entails special tools, equipment and skills that only a professional company can provide.

Equipment Cleaning

Services may also extend to the cleaning of certain industrial equipment. Industrial facilities often include equipment such as blenders, bins, holding tanks, vacuum systems and tanks with agitators, all of which require adequate knowledge and tools to properly clean. Keeping up with overall cleanliness of equipment reduces the risk for outbreaks and keeps machinery operating at peak efficiency.

4 Important Reasons Every Industrial Business Needs Professional Cleaning Services

1. Reduce Risk For Outbreaks

An outbreak at your plant or facility could result in closing up shop while matters are resolved. A professional industrial cleaning service greatly reduces your risks by meeting all cleaning needs on a regular bases. As a result, you avoid large-scale issues related to multiplying mold, mildew, Staph, bacteria and viruses. When your workplace is healthy your employees are less likely to get sick and as a result more reliable.

2. Leave The Cleaning To The Experts

You focus on improving and growing your business and let us focus on keeping the place clean. Taking on cleaning tasks or assigning them to employees distracts from your ability to operate a successful empire.

3. Increase Business Safety

If your business is littered in debris or tagged with graffiti it can make the place unsafe and even promote vandalism and crime. When you rely on a trusted cleaning service messes are cleaned up quickly and business can resume as usual. When your business appears clean and well maintained both customers and employees feel better about being there. Plus, criminals are less likely to vandalize or rob your place of business.

Another way a professional cleaning service increases safety is through the maintenance of proper insurance. Injuries are always a potential when cleaning industrial settings. You put your business in jeopardy when you have your employees or non-insured individuals take care of cleaning tasks.

4. Efficient Tools For Faster Cleaning

A professional cleaning service is equipped with all of the tools necessary to clean with greater efficiency, completing the same job in far less time. This impacts overall cost, as less time equates to greater savings. This also means less interference to your business.

Cost Of Industrial Cleaning Services

The cost of industrial cleaning fluctuates based upon the size of your location, the type of equipment that requires cleaning and the amount of work that needs to be done. Contact Tidy Team today for a competitive quote for industrial cleaning services that out sweep the competition!