Invisible Dangers At The Beauty Salon: How To Protect Your Customers From Harmful Bacteria

How To Protect Your Customers From Harmful BacteriaBeauty salons are susceptible to a world of bacteria and fungus. Certain cleaning practices greatly decrease your risk of infecting clients and stylists. Scrubbing with a rag may make surfaces appear clean, but it will not remove all potentially harmful microorganisms. Many harmful particles are too small to be removed by scrubbing alone. Using harsh cleaning chemicals isn’t necessarily the answer either. Some products are too harsh or are not compatible with materials causing corrosion to set in.

A commercial cleaning service provides the tools and equipment necessary for deep disinfecting done right. Even if a professional service takes care of deep cleaning on a weekly basis, there are a number of practices staff should practice on a daily basis such as disinfecting combs, brushes and other tools used on clients. 

Here is a run down of the most important parts of any beauty salon that require extra attention to cleaning.

Shampoo Sinks

The shampoo sink is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The moist environment is easily clogged with hair and other materials that help bacteria flourish.

It is recommended to wash out your shampoo bowls several times a day using a pleasant scented disinfectant. Make sure that the bowl does not take on a chemical smell, which is why floral or citrus scented cleaners are recommended. Make sure to rinse well so that no cleaner remains in the basin.   

When it comes time to deep clean sinks, avoid using harsh chemicals as these can strip the finish off. Deep cleaning should take place once a week. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar helps clean and disinfect, and as it washes down the drain it also helps unclog hair.

If you need to unclog shampoo sinks try this:

Boil hot water and pour it down the drain, follow the water with a half-cup of baking soda. Let sit for a few minutes while you mix one-cup vinegar and one-cup boiling hot (or very hot) water. Pour this mixture down the drain and then plug it up, allowing it to go to work for about 10 minutes. At which point, repeat flushing the drain with boiling hot water.

Individual Kiosks

Beauty salons are generally made up of multiple kiosks operated by stylists. These booths are where hair brushes, scissors, and other products that touch clients’ hair rest. This area must be kept clean in order to keep customers satisfied as well as to prevent the risk of spreading infection. Stylists should have easy to access sanitation devices approved by state regulations. Keeping sanitizing products at each booth helps promote cleaning tools between each client.

Dusting and disinfecting chairs, tables and mirrors are very important to keep up with appearances. Busy stylists may not have time to keep up with deep cleaning their space, which is why a professional cleaning service is so valuable.


The floor that your customers walk in on is a priority at any beauty salon. Since hair is constantly falling to the floor, the build up of dust and debris is guaranteed. Much of this debris blows into corners where it accumulates into grimy eyesores.  Deep cleaning floors is just as important as daily sweeping and mopping. Grout, tile, wood, no matter what type of floor you are working with there are certain cleaning methods available to make surfaces shine like new again.


If your salon is equipped with footbaths this is another great place for bacteria to thrive. Hair and debris become trapped beneath the filter, creating a space for bacteria to grow. If someone comes along and gets a pedicure with cuts on their feet, the invisibly brewing bacteria has the opportunity to infect a living host.

Footbaths should be cleaned and sanitized after every use. They should be dismantled and deep cleaned at least once a week.

Beauty Towels

Towels offer the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. No moist towels should ever sit overnight and then be reused the next day. Even if they smell fine, there’s a great risk for bacteria. Wash towels with vinegar to help kill bacteria and remove any bad odors.

Clean From The Inside Out

We clean bathrooms, flooring, windows, walls, ceiling fans—you name it and we know how to best clean in! We can even clean the outside of your shop.

The outside appearance of your shop gives current and potential customers an idea as to what type of shop you operate. Are the windows sparkling clean and the roof free of debris? If people think the outside of your shop looks unmaintained they may make the assumption that the inside is the same. A clean outer appearance helps your customers feel comfortable and safe from the moment they walk up to your shop until the moment they leave.

Tidy Team is not only equipped to deep clean the inside of your shop, but we also have power washers and other tools to clean the outside too. Our professional team deep cleans your shop so that you lead the way in style and sanitation!