Is a Dirty Home Making You Sick?

Most homeowners do not like the idea of a home potentially making them sick. Usually, people will associate public places and commonly touched items such as public restrooms or doorknobs to be the areas with the most bacteria. Although this is true, there can be spaces in a home that are also overlooked by bacteria. If you find yourself constantly sick with no good reason, it is time to consider something may be happening inside your house.

Dirty Carpet

If you have kids, you might understand how small crumbs or items might be dropped on the carpet and not be picked up for days to weeks. Carpets are a secret hiding place of germs and bacteria. Since people move around the carpet with our feet and sometimes shoes, the carpet can be a common collector of dust, chemicals, and dirt. The number of particles that accumulate in your carpet can be unhealthy. Most homeowners have no idea dangerous particles can be lingering around. Think about it this way, how often do you lay on your carpet which is potentially be filled with dirt, pollutants, and bacteria? Since the bacteria and germs held in your carpet can be dangerous to an individual’s health, it is vital to ensure flooring is cleaned regularly. Vacuuming a few times a week can assist in removing excess dirt, but steam cleaning your carpet can alleviate the chemicals. Although it is not ideal to deep clean your carpets weekly, you might want to consider doing it annually.


Mold can increase the chances of health-related issues for households. The mold fungus, along with bacteria are commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, and sometimes even in air vents. When mold spores are present they can make their way into your body through eye or nose contact. If mold is constantly inhaled, it can have detrimental effects on your body. Ensure that you check around your home for mold. Hiding places can be under sinks, inside vents, and essentially anywhere that is susceptible to a vast amount of humidity. Since air vents are the most complicated places to identify mold, consider hiring experts to come in twice a year to ensure these areas are efficiently clean and ready for any season.

Dirty Mattress

If a mattress is aged, it likely has a history of its own. There are dust mites and other organisms that live in a mattress that can cause you to get sick. Mold can also grow inside your mattress as nighttime perspiration begins to accumulate. Protect your immune system by cleaning your mattress at least once a month.

Old Pillows

Similar to mattresses, pillows are also a place where bacteria, allergens, and even mold can hide. If you wake up in the morning congested or find yourself being disturbed with sinuses in the middle of the night, it is a sign something is wrong with your pillow. It is common for pillows to accumulate oils and be sources of infections. While new pillows can be easily washed, old pillows might not be so easy to clean. Old pillows can accumulate bacteria that are difficult to get rid of. If you notice your pillows are heavy, it might be a sign to get new ones.

Hiring Home Cleaning Services

When a home needs cleaning, homeowners can often lack the opportunity to deep clean regularly due to work and family responsibilities. At Tidy Team, the professionals come and clean your home for you. Whether you need one deep cleaning service or weekly cleaning assistance, Tidy Team has you covered. For more information, contact Tidy Team today.