Is Your Office Bathroom Really Clean?

A clean bathroom for your customers and employees is good for your business. First, it has an aesthetic role to play and it also improves the hygiene of the place. Remember, the bathroom receives high traffic daily making it a potential place for bacteria and germs to breed in. As a result, having an unkempt washroom is a health risk to everyone in the facility.

Checklist for a Clean Office Bathroom

The following checklist will help you know whether your office bathroom is really clean:

  • Odorless restrooms – ensure there’s no awful odor coming from your bathroom. To guarantee this, the urinals and toilets must be always clean. 
  • Target tile stains, lines, and grout that could ruin the aesthetic appeal of your office bathroom.
  • Period deep cleaning of the bathroom is important in reducing the build-up of dirt and stains. 
  • In house cleaning
    • Cleaning equipment must be in good shape and clean after use before storing them
    • Stock the cleaning supplies so that they’re in abundance when your cleaning staff need to use them. 
    • The use of quality and effective cleaning products provides quality results 
  • Feminine dispensers need to be clean and stocked always to ensure liners are available for use. 
  • Attention to detail is all it takes to deliver thorough cleaning. That said; maintain the ceilings, baseboards, and fixtures clean always.
  • Ensure there is good lighting in the bathroom and replace any bulb that’s out of service.
  • Regular inspections to ensure important supplies are available in abundance. That is, the soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser must be working properly among others. 
  • Maintain spotless bathroom partitions without dust, graffiti, and grime. 
  • Clean all the air vents to reduce occurrences of respiratory allergies.
  • Nobody likes moisture on surfaces, especially in the bathroom. It can create a wrong impression and stain surfaces. Therefore, always have a cleaning team on site to dry wipe mystery moisture. 
  • Stock consumable bathroom products like paper towels, soap in the dispenser, and liners, among others.
  • Trash is unacceptable in the bathroom and that includes spilling trash cans. Therefore, the responsible parties must empty the trash cans even before they fill up in the bathroom. 
  • Target all beyond to reach spaces to prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and grime, which can be unsightly. This will also prevent the development of odors.
  • The janitorial team in your office must pay attention to hotspots areas. There are areas with high rates of contact such as bathroom handles and faucets. To avoid the spread of illnesses through these touchpoints, the team must clean and disinfect them regularly. 
  • The bathroom mirror must be spotlessly clean since everyone uses it when they visit the bathroom. 
  • Pay attention to the cleaning products your janitorial service is using. Are they eco-friendly, toxin-free, and healthy for everyone? Also, are they following the best cleaning practices that guarantee the cleanliness of the office bathroom? 
  • Also, are they following the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the cleaning products? Because some cleaning products, especially antibacterial products require the proper application to work effectively. 
  • Thorough cleaning of urinals to eliminate the awful stench and build-up of odor. Also, the cleaners must replace the urinal blocks regularly, and wipe handles. 

Professional Bathroom Cleaning 

While you can overlook certain flaws in your bathroom, your clients may not. Therefore, higher professional janitorial services for quality cleaning services. 


Are you looking for janitorial services for your office bathroom? Well, call Tidy Team Cleaning Services and they’ll provide you with that service. With their help, you can keep your employees and customers happy thanks to a clean bathroom available for use.