Keep Your Office Clean All Winter Long

Keep Your Office Clean All Winter LongWinter can be tough, whether you live in the North, South, East, or West, everyone has their share of wintery weather. It might be rain, snow, sleet, or wind, but each one has a negative impact when it comes to keeping your office clean. Since everyone spends more time inside in winter, there are also the colds and flu which no one is able to escape, no matter the weather where they live. In winter, offices face tracked in dirt, mud, and sand, along with grime-laden windows, and germs which get trapped inside. Let’s explore the ways to keep your offices sparkling clean and germ free.

The place to start is your entryway, after all, it is the place where the first impression is made. Rotating your entry rugs or mats and keeping them clean will clear away debris that gets tracked in by your clients and visitors. You’ll keep floors dry and safe for those coming and going while avoiding mold and other issues that could arise from wet carpeting in your office. On top of that, your entryway will always look fresh and welcoming to your visitors.

Next up are your windows, which sometimes manage to get overlooked. Regular cleaning of your windows from the accumulation of dust and debris serves several purposes in helping to keep your office clean all winter long. Sparkling clean windows allows natural light to steam in boosting employees’ moods on damp, dreary days. In addition, sunlight helps keep the air in your office clean and dry, while absorbing moisture that may have been inadvertently tracked in by employees and clients. Keep in mind, that shining windows can also show you and your employees other areas that need attention.

With the entryway and the windows clean, you have probably noticed other areas that are in need of cleaning. Dusting the furniture, along with the electronics, and wiping counters and door jambs clean keep your office fresh and looking good. On top of that, dusting moves dust particles and other small debris to the floor where it can be swept, mopped, or vacuumed up. Each of these steps will help control the number of pollutants in the air and, in turn, keep your office and your staff healthy all winter long. 

To continue the cleaning trend you’ve begun and make your office environment healthier for your employees and your clients, consider cleaning shared spaces on a daily basis. This means using safe cleaners and disinfectants to wipe down door handles and knobs, inside and out, as well as conference tables and chairs, reception area chairs, and other shared spaces. If employees share computers and other electronics, remind them to wash their hands often during the day or use hand sanitizer frequently. It goes without saying the bathroom is a shared space where germs can thrive, so keeping it clean is crucial to keep bacteria away.

Finally, ensuring your HVAC System is clean is a big step to keeping your office clean. As a giant ventilation system, your HVAC can continually recirculate airborne pathogens decreasing air quality and your employees’ health as well. Having your ducts cleaned regularly as well as replacing filters will help along with an annual HVAC check-up to ensure optimum and effective operation decreasing the spread of bacteria and other germs.

Keeping your office clean all winter long is a task for which you may need back-up. When you do, call on the cleaning professionals Tidy Team Cleaning Services to help. Their expert staff promises to keep your entryways, windows, furnishings, and shared spaces clean and germ free all winter long.