Keeping Germs Out of the Office

Offices are a hotspot for the spread of germs. Think about it, most people spend 30 percent or more of their days at work, which means flu, colds, and other illnesses are easily spread between co-workers and their clients. There are lots of ways individuals can avoid spreading and contracting germs carried by others but one important step in disease prevention is acquiring the services of an expert cleaning service, like Tidy Team Cleaning. Professional office cleaning services provide excellent defense against the spread of germs. Their knowledge and expertise, along with the use of the proper cleaning techniques, products and equipment can help keep your office healthy by keeping germs out. Let’s explore the details of keeping germs out of your office.

Germs Can Thrive and Spread Anywhere

Germs can thrive and spread anywhere though certain times of year see increased infections. Bacteria, viruses, and other highly contagious ‘strains’ linger on surfaces and in the air, especially when workplaces are kept clean. Employees may neglect the cleanliness of their workspaces, and shared spaces may be overlooked, opening the door for the spread of germs. And if an outbreak of illness occurs, your business suffers. Even the layout of your office, from shared workspaces to open floorplans to flexible seating, can increase the spread of germs in your office. While these configurations encourage information sharing, they also encourage the share of germs when surfaces are contaminated. A professional cleaning service provides the expertise to clean those surfaces thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs and illness.

Taking Steps to a Healthier Work Environment

Does all this mean your office must abandon it collaborative working environment to be healthy? Absolutely not. Make your move to maintain a collaborative culture and keep employees healthy with these tips.

  • Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office is the key to a cleaner office. A professional cleaning service brings not only expertise and experience, but also commercial grade disinfectants and the needed equipment to keep your office expertly clean and reduce the spread of germs. Having a commercial cleaning service attend to your office on a regular schedule, as frequently as needed, means your business can avoid decreased productivity due to illnesses and absences of ill employees. It is important to note that specialized deep cleaning should be done on a regular schedule as well.
  • Have your employees join in the effort to keep germs out of your office. When everyone in your office, including you, makes the effort your office can stay cleaner and germ free longer. Provide anti-bacterial hand soap in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms and encourage employees to follow hand-washing guidelines. Keep hand sanitizer, along with anti-bacterial wipes on hand for everyone to use. Encourage your team members to keep their workspaces clean, and be sure to provide the needed trash cans and recycling bins.
  • Encourage employees to stay home if they are ill. From an employer perspective, this keeps everyone else well, so you don’t end up with an office full of sick or absent employees. Offer an ample sick policy and reassure employees that staying home when sick or working from home when needed is acceptable as long as they aren’t taking advantage.

Selecting a Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service

Tidy Team is ready to serve you and your employees. With more than 30 years’ experience, the Tidy Team professionals know how to get the job of cleaning your office done right every time. Tidy team offers reliable, trustworthy and efficient services to ensure your office is clean, germs are out, and your employees are healthy.