Keeping Your Facility Clean for Productive Operation

Tidy Team Cleaning Services,  an owner operated business, has proudly served the region for more than 30 years. With years of service comes quality, know-how, and expertise, and that is what Tidy Team deliver to their clients on every job, large or small, one-time clean up to regularly scheduled cleaning services. The Tidy Team goal for your facility is to keep it clean for optimal and productive operations, while keeping cost within your budgetary needs and getting the job done efficiently every time.

Tidy Team knows what it takes to be successful and helping you keep your facility clean saves you time to focus on the more important aspects of keeping your business successful. Keeping you facility clean to ensure productive operation begins with these steps.

Dedicated Cleaning Teams

Professional cleaning services often must work alongside the staff members in large commercial enterprises and manufacturing facilities, which means cleaning team members have to accommodate your company’s employees. How? By staying out of the way, getting the job done, and adjusting to your employees’ schedules. Dedicated cleaning teams, with long term relationships at a facility, accomplish this more easily with greater effectiveness because they take the time to understand your facilities operations and the way your employees work. Professional cleaning teams can be most effective when they develop synergy in a facility, adapting to your facility’s schedules and addressing unique situation (spills, accidents, moving, etc.) as they arise. A cleaning team dedicated to your facility means the ability to adjust, not impede, your company’s operations.

Taking Care of Your Facility – Top to Bottom

A quality professional cleaning team promises to take care of your facility from top to bottom – sanitizing, disinfecting, cleaning, waxing, and more. For example, the floors in your facility are an area which often goes unnoticed until problems arise. But, the truth is, the floors in your company, when properly cared for on a regular basis, can mean big improvements. Regularly cleaning floors can actually prevent scratches, chips, and surface wear, which can turn into damage that requires re-flooring. Depending on your floor’s surface type, waxing your floors regularly can also help protect those surfaces and prevent the need for expensive re-flooring of your facility.

Using Technology and Training to Ensure Best Practices for your Facility

Your business is unique. It may be medical, industrial, agricultural, or tech – and whatever the industry, there are likely unique rules and regulations to which you must adhere. This means, you need a commercial cleaning service who knows the standards you must meet, and helps you accomplish the task. Professional cleaning services simply must adhere to your standards and for that they often need special training and the ability to use the latest cleaning technology. Their ability to use technology and training means your cleaning team ensures best practices are followed.

The same is true if your facility is planning a renovation, your professional cleaning team should see that your additional cleaning needs are met with best practices for your industry. Seeing that your facility is kept clean – free from dust and other debris for example – during the renovation can ensure continued production levels as well as on-time completion of your reno project.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services today to keep your Facility Clean for Ongoing Success

Tidy Team has the experience and promises the attention to detail that your facility needs to be productive and successful. Every project is customized to meet your unique needs and a complete picture of your expectations. Call Tidy Team today!