Did You Know That Your Office Desk is Dirtier Than a Public Toilet Seat?

Did You Know That Your Office Desk is Dirtier Than a Public Toilet Seat?The average office desk is covered in over 10,000,000 bacteria, that’s 400 times the bacteria living on the average toilet seat. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to beat the bacteria and maintain a clean work desk.

You look down and see your desk, plain and simple. Yet, if you had superpower vision, or a microscope, you’d see an entire universe of itty-bitty bugs crawling across your desk, keyboard, mouse pad and so forth.

A Closer Look at the Study That Determined Just How Dirty Your Desk Is

Germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba conducted a study out of the University of Arizona, in which he and his team identified the dirtiest office surfaces. It’s not just your desk that’s disgusting, other germ-laden office hot spots include microwave handles, water fountain handles, phones, and keyboards. The spot right where you rest your hand on your desk is one of the worst in terms of bacteria per square inch.

The study involved separating office workers into two different groups. One group was instructed to use sanitizing wipes to clean their phones, computers and desk surfaces. The other group was instructed to not clean their desks. Just 2 days after starting the experiment, the cleaning group had 99.9% lower bacteria levels than the non-cleaning group.

The study focused on a variety of industries, office locations, surfaces, and environments. Researchers collected 7,000 samples from private offices, cubicles, and common work areas in San Francisco, Tampa, Tucson, and New York. Regardless of state or office type, the results were the same, office desks are disgusting!

So how can you reduce bacteria living on your desk?

Here are 7 Tips to Score a Cleaner Desk in No Time


#1. Hire Tidy Team for Superior Office Cleaning Services

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#2. Invest in a Keyboard Vacuum or Dust Off

16 million microbes reside in your keyboard. Not to mention, the common cold can survive on you keyboard for 2 full days. To complicate matters, keyboards are not easy to clean. There are so many tiny crevices for bacteria, dust, and food particles to fall and take refuge. Take your keyboard outside on a regular basis to clean it out using dust off or a keyboard vacuum. Use sanitizing wipes afterwards to kill additional bacteria and germs. 

#3.  Don’t Forget to Clean Your Mouse Pad

You rest your hand on your computer mouse for much of the day, so don’t forget to take it out for a cleaning along with your keyboard.  Use sanitizing wipes to kill leftover bacteria clinging to your mousepad.

#4. Clean Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is the mother of all bacteria hoarders. Even if you regularly clean your desk, your phone can continue to contaminate your hands, face, and workspace. Clean your phone with sanitizing electronic wipes daily to further reduce the spread of bacteria.

#5. Regularly Clean Out & Sanitize Your Desk Drawers

You might be surprised to learn that your dark and closed off desk drawers are not immune from the germy battle. In fact, your desk drawers are the perfect place for mold and bacteria to develop and even thrive.

#6. Wash Your Hands Throughout the Workday

Washing your hands throughout the day helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from other surfaces to your desk, and vice-versa.

#7. Don’t Touch Your Face Unless You Just Washed Your Hands

Easier said than done, we know. After all, the average human touches their face 16 times per hour. This is the perfect opportunity for bugs and bacteria to move from our desk to your face, and even inside of your body where they can make you sick.

Did You Know That Dirty Desks Increase Anxiety & Distraction?

After reading this, it’s easy to see why a dirty desk is a no-no. But even if you don’t know about the invisible bugs lurking all over your workspace, a messy or dirty desk can cause anxiety and distract you from getting work done. A clean and tidy work environment helps your brain better focus and get stuff done. A cleaner desk also reduces exposure to illnesses, reducing sick days and increasing overall productivity. 

All in all, it’s a win-win to have a clean desk, and we are here to help make it happen! Contact us today to get a quote for superior commercial office cleaning services.