Your Lobby Makes The First Impression – Keep it Clean

Your Lobby Makes The First Impression – Keep it CleanYour lobby is the welcome center for your business or organization. It is your first hello, bidding your customers, partners, potential new customers, colleagues, investors, and future employees to come in and be welcome. Is your lobby welcoming guests, making them feel comfortable and valued? Or is your lobby saying something else?

Regardless of what type of business you have, your lobby makes the first lasting impression and sets the tone for the interaction to follow. The lobby says a lot about you and your company, from how you do business to how attentive you are to the details, to the work ethic of you and your employees.  Your lobby sets the tone for your business – positive or negative. It introduces your brand to those who enter. What does your lobby tell your visitors?

A Clean Lobby Makes a Positive First Impression

In order to answer the question above, you may need to walk out and enter your office, looking at it with fresh eyes. When you do, ask yourself, is your lobby saying your company is professional, well-organized, energetic, creative? Or is your lobby giving off a completely different impression because it dusty, dirty, and in disarray. Even if the back office in your business is relatively calm and well-organized, the lobby is likely a busy place with lots of foot traffic, which means it needs constant attention. In most cases, it is more than your office employees can handle, and wouldn’t it be better if they were focused on your business.

Because a clean lobby makes the all important first impression, your best use of time and money would be calling on a professional cleaning service to get the job done correctly and ensure every first impression your lobby makes is a positive one. The goal of a professional cleaning crew is to keep your office space, lobby included, as clean as it should be, so your company always makes a great impression.

Now you might be thinking, wouldn’t hiring a janitor be a better utilization of time and money? Every situation is different, but in most cases, hiring a full-time janitor is going to cost considerably more than hiring a professional cleaning team. After all, you’ll need to pay the janitor’s salary, as well as furnish the cleaning equipment and solutions, and provide the janitor with company benefits.

With a commercial cleaning service, they provide the equipment and the cleaning supplies, pay their employees, and you determine exactly what they do to keep your offices clean. You do a walk through with the cleaning team and tell them what needs to be done and they get it done right, the first time. From windows to floors, from walls to lighting fixtures, from countertops to entryways, a trustworthy professional cleaning crew will help you make a positive first impression by taking care of clutter, dirt, and grim.

Now, take a look at your lobby one more time, with fresh eyes. What needs to be done to make a good impression? As you prepare for your meeting with the cleaning team, identify areas that need to be cleaned regularly, and how often you feel that needs to happen. Once you have determined your needs call on a professional cleaning service for a consultation. A representative will come out, go over your cleaning requirements and give you a free estimate for their services.

Tidy Team Cleaning Services is ready to come to your aid, and help you create a lobby that is warm and welcoming for all your guests – from clients to colleagues to potential employees and future customers.