Look Again, Places Your Business Forgot to Clean

Look Again, Places Your Business Forgot to CleanThe office has just been cleaned, windows washed, dusting complete, vacuuming done, and the inevitable happens – someone moves something, and an area of dust or grime appears out of nowhere! And then you and your employees realize there are areas in the workplace that were forgotten during the latest cleaning. The bad part is, while you and your employees may not have noticed because you are there every day, the odds are that your visiting colleagues and your customers noticed and may have walked away with a bad impression. To avoid making a poor impression on colleagues and potential customers, the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services compiled this list to help you remember those forgotten areas that need to be cleaned.

Forgotten Areas Cleaning Checklist

  • Ceiling – No matter the style of your ceiling, dust, cobwebs, and more can gather there. So, start at the ceiling and work your way down.
  • Ceiling Fan Blades – Dust and other grime in the air attach to ceiling fan blades, even when the fan is constantly in operation. Cleaning it regularly will help avoid recirculating dust and allergens around the office.
  • Light Fixtures – While you are up there, a quick glance will reveal dust, grime, and even dead bugs in and around your ceiling lights. Keeping them clean will make your office brighter and lighter. Don’t forget to clean light fixtures on walls and desks too.
  • Vents – Whether in the ceiling or along the walls, vents are notorious for capturing dust, allergens, and other polluting particles. Clean or change them out regularly to keep your workspace air fresh.
  • Walls – This one might surprise you – after all how can dust and more stick to vertical walls? The truth is it can and does, and wallpapered walls or textured walls are the word for collecting dust and allergens, which means they need regular cleaning too.
  • Picture Frames and Switch Plates – Worse than the walls on which they are hung, picture frames and switch plates gather dust along the tops and film and finger prints along the fronts. Dust and clean these decorative items often.
  • Door Knobs – Door knobs are the germ spreaders in your workspace – the most touched item in your business. Keeping them clean and sanitized will keep germs away.
  • Upholstered Furniture and Office Chairs – A quick glance at your upholstered furnishings will likely reveal stains and grime – nothing, of course, that a good steam cleaning can’t take care of easily. Office chairs, if upholstered, could benefit from steam cleaning as well, but don’t forget to dust and clean the chairs base and castors as well.
  • Printers, Copiers, and other Electronics – Always attracting dust and other free-floating particles, the area around printers, copiers, and more is often overlooked. Dust and clean not only the tops, but behind and underneath these well-used items.
  • Plants – Live plants in the office help keep the air fresh but remember to wipe them regularly of the dust and allergens they are collecting and clear away dead leaves as well. Artificial plants only look good when they are clean and attractive, if you’re not keeping them clean –  better to toss them out!
  • Baseboards – All the dust from above settles on your baseboards, where it is then coupled with grime from the floor. Keep them clean to make a great first impression.

When cleaning seems to overwhelm and take you and your staff away from the business of your business – call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning to do tackle the task of cleaning. You can rest assured when you call on Tidy Team for your Business’s cleaning needs – we’ll clean all this and more.