Move In Cleaning for Your New Location

Move In Cleaning for Your New LocationWhether moving your business or your home, moves involve a great deal of focus on packing and move out cleaning. The truth is move-in cleaning is often overlooked, though an important part of your move. For businesses, whether you are moving into a freshly built-out space, new construction, or a previously renovated space, there are a number of essential steps needed to make your move to a new location a complete success. After all, ensure your space is move-in ready will encourage your employees, minimize downtime, and reduce the potential for lost productivity and lowered morale. Here’s how to get ready and make the most of move-in day:

De-Clutter Before Your Move

In all likelihood, you have been at your old location for some time which means you have clutter – supplies, files, promotional materials, even equipment that is outdated and not longer useful to your company. Have team members, including you, work together to clean out desks and workstations, cubicles, offices, and common spaces before the move. It’s a good idea to have one person oversee the process, who can give the needed attention to documents ensuring legal compliance and data security for your business and your customers, as well as seeing the clutter is organized into trash, recyclables, and donations and disposed of accordingly. The result, the clutter does not move with you to the new location!

Clean the New Location

You can choose to clean your new location the D-I-Y way, but even better call on a team of cleaning professionals, like those at Tidy Team Cleaning, to get the job done for you. If you are moving into a previously occupied space, changes are the tenants before you didn’t do the best cleaning job. Likewise, if you are moving into a brand new space, you might find dust, fibers, and trash left behind as a result of the construction. This checklist should help you see the cleaning is done properly before you move in:

  • Walls should be wiped down and cleaned as needed.
  • Ceiling Tiles should be dusted, and stained tiles replaced.
  • Vents, grates, and such need to have grime and cobwebs removed.
  • Windows must be clean inside and out, as well as any window treatments you will be using.
  • Bathrooms, breakrooms, and kitchens need to be disinfected and sanitized.

If you are moving into a new space or a newly built-out space, floors should be swept and mopped before move in, and carpets will need vacuuming as well. If you are moving into a previously occupied space without a custom build-out, it is important that you have tile floors cleaned professionally, and other hard surface flooring cleaned and treated as needed. Carpeting should be deep cleaned by the professionals to remove stains left behind by the previous tenants, as well as heavy traffic marks. Professional carpet cleaning will deliver the cleanliness desired, improve air quality, and make a good first impression. When moving into an industrial facility, be sure to have fans, vents, and such cleaned of dust and debris which may have collected for years.

Touch Up and Repair as Needed

In the best case scenario, your landlord has already done this for you. But if you have purchased the property outright, there may be some minor repairs and touch-ups needed. Taking the time to touch up scuffed walls, scraped baseboards, or even completely repainting the entire space will help you make a good impression. You will also want to replace burned out bulbs or broken blinds, install new locks and maybe new door handles, before you move in.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning

The best way to ensure a successful move-in is by calling on a professional commercial cleaning team like Tidy Team Cleaning. Tidy Team will get your new space move-in ready, satisfaction guaranteed.