Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Moving in or out of a space marks a significant transition, and Tidy Team is here to ensure it's a seamless and spotless one. Our move in/move out cleaning services are designed to elevate your space, making it welcoming for new beginnings or farewells. With a history spanning over 30 years in South Florida, we're your partners in achieving a fresh start.

  • BRINGING 30+ Years of Experience

We offer quick and easy estimates for your cleaning / janitorial needs.

    Elevate Your Move with Tidy Team

    Whether you're leaving or arriving, leave the cleaning to us. Our meticulous approach ensures that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, creating a pristine environment for the next chapter. Say goodbye to the stress of cleaning during a move – Tidy Team is here to handle it all.

    A Transition of Excellence:

    • Comprehensive Cleaning: Our cleaning covers every detail, from blinds and windowsills to ceiling fans and air vents, ensuring no corner goes unnoticed.
    • Bathroom Sanitization: We go beyond surface cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting bathrooms for a fresh and hygienic environment.
    • Floor Brilliance: Whether carpets or hard floors, we vacuum and mop with precision, ensuring that your floors are ready to make a welcoming impression.
    • Additional Services: Need more than cleaning? We offer carpet shampooing, vinyl floor stripping and waxing, and specialized services to ensure a complete transition.

    Experience the Tidy Team Touch:

    With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Tidy Team embodies excellence in commercial and office cleaning in South Florida. Our expertise seamlessly extends to move in/move out cleaning, allowing you to embark on new beginnings or fond farewells with ease. Ready to transition with elegance? Connect with us at (954) 782-1506 and let Tidy Team take care of the cleaning, so you can focus on the journey ahead.

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