Overlooked Dirty Surfaces in Offices

Office cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular, especially with more employees returning to work as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. While employers might feel confident their sanitation practices will keep everyone safe, there are a few surfaces they might overlook.


Every office has at least one piece of furniture. Whether it be a couch or a chair, these pieces are often overlooked. Commonly, furniture pieces will not be cleaned since they do not look dirty. Germs and bacteria can easily attach themselves to furniture daily. If the furniture is leather, it can easily become oily.

Under Office Chairs

Most employers do not think of cleaning underneath chairs. Although it is not an area where you have to worry about employees or clients getting COVID-19, under office chairs is a space where dust collects and builds up. The accumulated dust can result in allergens being released. If employees are sensitive to allergens then they can develop allergies. When a strong set of allergies is developed, it can be difficult for most to stay focused. A quick cleaning under chairs can assist in creating a healthy workspace.


Vents and air ducts are often overlooked. Since these are often high and difficult to reach, they can seem like a hassle to clean. However, when air ducts and vents are not clean, dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria will continue to build up. These particles are invisible but can be blowing across an office non-stop. If these are left unattended, employees’ health is at risk.


Similar to vents and air ducts, lights are often an overlooked appliance. Lights can get extremely dirty and go months without being noticed. Add lighting to your cleaning list and get an extra layer of dirt off your lights.


A microwave is a hot spot for employees to gather around during lunchtime. Although during COVID-19, it might be a given and extra wipe to clean the handles and buttons, it might not be clean inside daily. Microwaves are victims of food spillage and splatters and most are not cleaned regularly. Bacteria can grow in microwaves causing employees to get sick if it sticks around for long enough.

Curtains and Blinds

Depending on the amount of time on your hands you may or may not clean the windows except every once in a while. But when do the curtains and blinds get taken care of? Although curtains are not easily stained or visually dirty, they can be another breeding ground for dust. Therefore, employees with allergies can be triggered. With that being said, curtains and blinds can be touched by employees daily. If more than one employee is touching the curtains or attempting to open and close the blinds, germs can likely be cross-contaminated on the surfaces. Curtains and blinds are an unexpected place where COVID-19 can thrive as many employees share a commonly touched surface.

Office Appliances

Does your office have so many appliances it is hard to keep track of everything to clean? If so, this is common for most office spaces. From printers to staplers, it is hard to keep track of everything that needs to be cleaned. Creating a list of these materials can assist in ensuring they are cleaned regularly. Employers can also request employees practice sanitizing appliances after they are finished using them.

Tidy Team Cleaning Services

Providing clean office space for employees to come back to work is essential. However, for an employer, cleaning an office every day or even once a week can be impossible without help. At Tidy Team, the cleaning experts serve office spaces in South Florida. With 29 years of experience, Tidy Team will ensure your office is COVID-19 free. For more information, contact Tidy Team today.