Pompano Beach Construction Site Clean Up Services

Construstion site demolitionPompano Beach construction site clean up is a messy job but someone’s got to do it, and Tidy Team is proud to provide the leading site cleaning services in Florida.  Construction projects create a lot of dust and debris, not to mention all of the left behind materials such as paint and heaps of trash. This mess creates an eyesore but it also presents dangers to workers, the community and local environment. Plus, if someone doesn’t clean it up the construction process can’t be completed. We create a ready-to-work environment by erasing all signs of construction mess using the most responsible methods possible. 

It’s not uncommon for people to assume they can handle construction clean up on their own, that is until they realize just how much work goes into picking up the mess. There are many components of construction site clean up, and each must be tended to in order to avoid issues down the line or even in the immediate future. The cost for construction clean up pays for itself, reducing hassles and ensuring your project stays up to par regarding local regulations.

Common services associated with construction clean up include:

Removal Of All Trash

The cost to clean up a construction site includes the daunting task of removing and responsibly disposing of all left behind trash. People are often shocked at how much trash builds up during a construction project. From fast food wrappers to empty cement bags and soiled paintbrushes, you name it and it’s going to be on location. Picking up all of this trash is one thing, but having the means to transport it and dispose of is another task altogether. Let us take care of the mess so you can focus on perfecting the rest!

Proper Disposal Permits

In some cases debris removal requires special permitting from your local city officials. No need to worry because we are on top of any necessary permits. Getting the proper permits can add time and money onto a project but it’s better to stick by the book and do things right as opposed to running into legal issues in the future.


Construction sites can encounter all kinds of issues, for instance it’s not entirely uncommon for a small fire to break out during construction. If this occurs the proper recovery and restoration techniques will need to be applied in order to keep the project going smoothly. The last thing you want is to encounter issues down the line related to improperly cleaned soot or smoke damage.

Removal Of Mold And Other Toxic Substances

If mold or other toxic substances are present at the construction site our experienced team will identify it and alert you to it. This prevents large issues from popping up down the line and costing you a fortune to fix.

Salvaging Valuable Materials

If someone comes in and quickly cleans up everything in site this is useful but not as efficient as it could be. If there are certain materials on site that you’d like set aside and salvaged for other parts of your project our team will make sure to pay close attention to this request. Salvaging materials saves you money and helps out the environment.

Deep Cleaning

The cleaning part comes last, after all trash has been removed. The most common mess left behind relates to dust and grime, which can actually be tricky to clean when there is so much of it. The construction process creates an unimaginable whirlwind of dust that coats everything in site from ceiling corners to unfinished window cavities. We are here to clean every last inch to sparkling perfection.

Every construction site includes different tasks, such as scrubbing walls, washing upholstery, stain removal, cleaning duct vents, floor maintenance, scrubbing down cabinets and countertops, cleaning fireplaces, sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning windows and so forth. 

Tidy Team Offers Full Service Construction Clean Up Services

We offer construction cleanup services for almost any construction project out there, including:

  • Tenant finishes
  • Ground-up construction
  • Business modifications
  • Remodels and restorations
  • New additions

Contact us today to get a quote for cleaning up your Pompano Beach construction site. We look forward to benefiting your construction project with our superior cleaning services.