Post Construction Cleaning Checklist for South Florida Businesses

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist for South Florida BusinessesPost-construction cleaning involves removing trash, debris and anything else left behind, as well as cleaning spills, stains, dust, and so forth. It’s not just about making the space look clean, but transforming it into a space that is ready to occupy.

Post-construction cleaning requires several different tasks than everyday clean up. Hiring a professional cleaning team is the best way to ensure everything is cleaned up and ready to go. Tidy Team has ample experience with post construction clean up, you can trust us to make any space clean, sanitary and safe for move-in.

Here’s a basic post construction cleaning checklist that details some of the most important areas to focus on.

Remove Trash & Debris

Stray nails, trash from yesterday’s lunch, empty paint cans… the list of random trash and debris found at construction sites goes on and on. It’s crucial that all this junk gets removed and properly disposed of for post-construction cleanup to be considered complete. Not all trash can be tossed in the same bin, certain items need to be carefully disposed of to prevent landfill transmission and pollution.

Only after all dirt and debris is removed can the rest of the cleaning continue.

Clean Outside the Building

Even if construction took place inside that doesn’t mean trash and other issues haven’t spilled outside. Different projects require different levels of exterior cleaning than others. Look at the outside of the building to determine if any cleaning is required. Garages, entry ways and driveways should be cleaned of footprints, stains or other marks left behind by construction crews. Exterior doors and handles should be cleaned of any scuffs or marks as well. Exterior windows may require power washing to remove stubborn stains or debris.

Walls, Windows and Ceilings

Post construction, interior walls are often laden with scuff marks and other eyesores. All it takes is a ladder sitting up against a wall to create a mark in the paint that requires touch up. Additionally, walls, baseboards, windows and ceilings tend to get coated in dust and dirt throughout construction.

Even if windows or walls are new, they might not look so new after being pummeled with dust for weeks on end throughout the construction process. All dusty or grimy surfaces require a deep cleaning so that they shine like new—regardless if they are or not.

Counters & Cabinets

Countertops as well as cabinets and drawers are likely coated in dust from stray drywall or woodwork. Everything needs to be wiped clean, sanitized and polished to shine. There should be no dust or dirt left behind; post-construction cleaning removes all traces of dust and dirt so that surfaces are clean and ready to use.

Air Ducts & HVAC Systems

This one is often forgotten because it’s out of site but it’s so important. There’s a good chance that the HVAC system and subsequent air ducts are coated in dust from drywall, woodwork, etc., especially if the AC system was running during construction. If you leave this dust behind, every time the AC turns on it’ll pour more dirt out into the space and create unhealthy and low quality air. Air filters should be replaced after ducts and vents are cleaned.

Bathrooms & Other Rooms

From bathrooms to bedrooms to offices, every room in a building needs to be cleaned so that it is ready to live or work in. Even if certain bathrooms or other rooms did not undergo any construction, chances are they are still coated in dust and debris that blew in from other parts of the building. 


Floors are the very last area to clean, otherwise they’ll continue to attract more dirt as you dust walls, countertops, etc. New and old flooring tends to get a lot of wear and tear during construction, which means deep cleaning is essential. Carpets may need a steam cleaning, while tile floors may need to be stripped and waxed.

Post Construction Clean Up by Tidy Team

We take a recently renovated space, remove all construction debris, trash and dirt, and then clean it to perfection so that the space is transformed into somewhere people are excited to live or work. From power washers to carpet cleaners, we have every tool necessary to go deeper than anyone else when it comes to clean. Contact us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services and to receive a quote.