Prepping for and Cleaning Up After the Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is here and with it comes the annual stream of holiday events. There are presents, parties, dinners, cooking, baking, and all manner of festive fun among families and friends. But fun with family and friends is not the end of the holiday festivities as businesses join in the celebration. Businesses often plan for holiday parties to reward employees for a year of hard work and to have a good time. While office parties are entertaining and enjoyable they can be stressful to prepare for, plan, and execute, and that’s all before you ever even consider the clean up afterwards and getting the office back to normal for the work that inevitably follows.

And while you are responsible for the party and its success, a professional cleaning service can handle the clean up and alleviate all the unwanted stress which can come after the holiday party. A commercial cleaning service, like the one at Tidy Team Cleaning, has the knowledge and expertise to get your office back in tip top shape so you and your employees can be back up and running in a timely manner after all the festivities.

Prepping for the Office Holiday Party

Keep in mind as you prepare for the annual office holiday party, the goal is to create an environment in which your team members can gather and interact as friends. Depending on the size of your staff, you may want to form a party planning committee to help choose a theme, along with food, drinks, games, prizes, and decorations. Once you have the date set, send out invitations to everyone, and indicate if spouses/partners and children are invited. You might want to include a dress code and any other details you feel will get everyone excited about the party. Continue all the preparations including asking permission for employees to leave early and get ready on the day of the party, and allowing the committee time to decorate and make the final preparations. The week of the party, send out email reminders to everyone and get ready.

Finally, make some plans to keep the office area tidy during the party as you do your final set up and decorating. You’ll make the party more enjoyable with less mess, and the aftermath easier for the professional cleaning crew to get through after the party. Consider placing trash bins discreetly throughout the office, making it easy for everyone to toss away disposable cups, cutlery, and plates, as well as recyclables, and not leaving them sitting around all over the place. Doing so, will also help everyone avoid spills and splatters which could result in damage to carpeting, equipment, and more. Once all the set-up is complete, let the party begin and enjoy!

And Now, For the Professional Clean Up

Your professional cleaning team will beginning clearing up all the waste that may not have made it to your discreetly placed bins. This will make the job of wiping down and cleaning up surfaces and spills with ease. Next, they will sweep, mop, and vacuum carpet and flooring. If needed, they can professionally clean carpets before your staff returns to work. After the office areas are taken care of, your commercial cleaning team will clean and disinfect the bathrooms and breakrooms to prepare them as your team returns to work. Once the entire office space is taken care of, your cleaning team can also use air freshener to get rid of party smells not appropriate to your work environment.

As you plan your holiday party, why not schedule the professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning to take care of the aftermath. Their expert cleaning team will get the job done right and allow you to truly enjoy the party, not worrying about the clean up afterward.