Prepping Your Property for Sale or Lease

Prepping Your Property for Sale or LeaseAs your business grows, often so does the need for more space, which results in the need to move to a new space. Though it can be a costly process, moves can mean even greater opportunity for your business. While search for your new, improved space and all it offers your business, it is easy to forget about the space you’ll be leaving behind. Your old space needs to be prepped for sale or lease following your departure. Not only do you need to hire a real estate broker and get a pile of paperwork in order, but you also need to get your old space ready for buyers or new tenants. Keeping in mind that first impressions are important, here are some tips to help you get your old space ready as you prepare to move to your new, improved space.

Outside – The First Impression

Before a potential buyer or tenant enter the building, they’ll be examining the exterior. Whether they simply drive by for a quick glance or stop to have a look, its important you prepare the landscape and the exterior of the building. This means mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, pulling the weeds, as well as repairing any issues with walkways, entryways, roofs, and windows, and painting where needed. Finally, have your building, sidewalks, and even parking areas pressure washed to improve the overall appeal.

Inside – Declutter and Clean

As you prepare to move, now is the ideal time to declutter – from desks to filing cabinets – get rid of items that won’t be moved to the new space. Also, encourage employees to clean off their desks and workspaces, storing away personal items, and creating clean sight lines for potential buyers or tenants. Once the clutter has been eliminated, now is the time to clean. Consider calling on trusted professional commercial cleaners, like the experts at Tidy Team Cleaning, to get the job done for you. A commercial cleaning service will deep clean carpeting, upholstery, hard surface flooring, as well as making sure dust and cobwebs are whisked away. Professional cleaners can also wash down walls and clean windows inside and out to ensure the space looks its best.

Inside – Paint and Stage

Now that the clutter is gone and the space is expertly cleaned, you want to have the space refreshed with a coat of paint. Painting will take care of chips, scuffs, cracks, and make it look fresh for the new occupants. If painting the entire space is not in the budget, focus on entryways, waiting areas, and other high visible spaces. If outdated wallpaper is a part of the décor, consider removing it and painting those areas.

Once the painting is complete, its time to stage your business space to help potential owners or tenant envision how they can utilize the space. Organize furnishings and workspaces to enhance flow, add live plants, replace old fixtures, and hang new artwork, keeping in mind the goal of selling or renting your space quickly and for top dollar. As you stage, be sure to highlight the property’s unique features. Older buildings often have distinct architectural features like arched windows, intricate woodwork, and more, all of which can be used to your advantage.

Call on the Experts

Often, time and money are huge considerations when making a big move to a new space. With that in mind, you might find calling on the professionals to help get your space prepped and ready for sale or lease can be more cost effective and take less time. Tidy Team Cleaning is ready to help you get your space ready by performing a number of the tasks mentioned above. Call on Tidy Team and discover how the pros can help you get moving – quickly and efficiently.