Prepping Your Commercial Property for Lease or Sale

If you own a commercial property and are preparing it for sale or lease there are a number of factors to help you attract potential buyers or prospective tenants. Prepping your commercial space can make all the difference in helping your property shine brightest among all the other commercial properties on the market. Your property’s appearance lays the foundation for sale or lease and removes any barriers from those who are considering your space.

Showcasing your commercial property in the best way can help successfully sell or lease it in record time and gain income quickly.  While you might think that preparing your property for sale or rent will be a costly proposition, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can get your property ready and make it attractive to prospective buyers or potential tenants without breaking the bank. On the contrary, you can set the stage with a few specific strategies designed to reach your target market. Today, the cleaning experts at Tidy Team Cleaning Services share some helpful tips for preparing your commercial property for lease or sale by increasing the appeal of your property for prospective lessees and buyers.

Start on the Outside

The exterior of your property makes a first impression and the goal is to make that first impression a great one. After all, the exterior of your commercial property either invites potential tenants or buyers in or encourages them to pass you by for the next available property. Look at the outside of your commercial property with a critical eye, shifting your point of view to that of a prospective tenant or buyer. Does the outside showcase the property’s potential or does it look dirty, disorganized, and anything but well kept? If you as the owner see it that way, no doubt potential buyers and tenants will as well.  You can change all that by focusing on these areas:

  • Clean the Exterior or Hire a Professional to get the Job Done for You. Power washing is the first step to removing mold, mildew, algae, and even graffiti from the building’s exterior. Pressure wash walkways and parking areas as well. Reseal your parking area and repaint parking lines if needed.  Clean your windows. And if exterior damage or broken windows are present, have them repaired.
  • Check your Roof. The roof may need professional cleaning as well. As you inspect the roof or have it done repair shingles and flashing as needed, and make sure it is well-maintained. (In cases of serious damage, you may need to replace the roof to sweeten the deal for prospective buyers.)
  • Look at Landscaping. Make sure lawn, flowers, bushes, and trees are trimmed, shaped, and healthy. Add landscaping if needed.

Go Inside the Building

Once you have prepared the outside and welcomed the potential buyers or tenants inside, you’ll want to make sure the interior is as inviting as the improved exterior. Again you want to look at the interior with fresh eyes, like your prospective buyers of tenants certainly will. Here’s where you’ll need to focus:

  • Clean the Interior or Hire a Professional to Clean. Remove any debris and see that the interior is properly cleaned. This might mean a deep cleaning – top to bottom. Pay special attention to cleaning windows, flooring, carpeting, and be certain lighting, electrical, and plumbing are in working order.
  • Depersonalize. If the space was previously occupied, remove any signage left behind and get a fresh coat of paint on the walls. If tenants are still in place, ask that they remove personal items while the building is being marketed for sale or lease.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services

Tidy Team Cleaning Services are ready to help you prepare your commercial property for lease or for sale. From the windows to the baseboards, air vents to carpeting, hardwood floors to tile and grout, entryways to restrooms, you can count on the experts at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to get your property perfectly clean to attract potential clients or prospective buyers.