Professional Cleaning and Customer Service

Professional Cleaning and Customer ServiceYou may have never thought of it, but cleaning is crucial for delivering exceptional customer service. Not only does it maintain a safe and healthy environment for your customers but also for your employees. Whether your business is retail, medical, legal, or industrial, customer service is a vital part of the package you provide for your customers. If you aren’t offering up a clean environment when they visit your company, you are falling short on delivering the exceptional customer experience you hope to provide. A dirty, dusty space can make give your customers a poor first impression, which may lead your company to lose business. By keeping a clean, welcoming environment, customers will not only get a great first impression, but will likely tell others how much you care and help you grow your business by word of mouth.

Simple and Effective

If you choose do-it-yourself cleaning, remember to keep the process simple and effective for you and your employees. You’ll want to choose effective, high quality multipurpose products which can get the job done well. Buying your chosen products in large, bulk sizes will save you money and allow you to get more done in less time. This is particularly important if your employees are helping you get the cleaning done – after all you don’t want cleaning to take them away for too long from the job you hired them to do.

If you choose to hire a professional cleaning service, you’ll save both time and money, while keeping your employees focused on the tasks you hired them to do for your company. A commercial cleaning service will know just what product to use for your most grimy cleaning task and get the job done efficiently and to your satisfaction. Most professional cleaning services would agree with the latest survey which showed multipurpose products get the job done right the first time.

Keeping Your Company Space Clean

Whether you are going the DIY route or hiring a commercial cleaning service, you will want to ensure the job is done right after all it is your business on the line. First and foremost, you want a welcoming entrance. This means windows should be spotless, the entry way should be swept, vacuumed, or mopped clean on a regular basis, and any entryway rugs should be clean and well-kept. Your entrance makes the first impression as customers visit your business, which means dirt, clutter, and an unkempt appearance will send the wrong message, turning some customers away before they get in the front door.

Your windows should be kept clean – free from dirt, grime, streaks, and handprints. This also applies to handrails, doorknobs, countertops, desks, and any area that customers come in contact with frequently. While this may mean that even if you have a commercial cleaning service your employees may need to do a little cleanup throughout the day, it keeps your company continually making a good first impression. This can also mean picking up and putting packages and other items away to avoid the appearance of clutter and disorganization.

A Little Employee Input

Even when you have a professional cleaning team, your employees will need to help keep your office or work environment clean and tidy. Wiping away obvious window streaks, fingerprints, and dust on desks, and countertops is easy and makes a good first impression and improves your customer service. Reward your employees for taking the initiative in the workplace.

Professional Cleaning Services

When you consider all the options, you may decide a commercial cleaning service is your best option and the team at Tidy Team Cleaning is ready to serve you, keeping your workplace professionally cleaned year round.