The Qualities of a Great Commercial Cleaning Team

The Qualities of a Great Commercial Cleaning TeamThink about it for a moment. Everywhere you go, you have a preconceived set of expectations you carry with you. Every time you require service at your home, your business, on your vehicle, or with your electronics, there are certain qualities you expect to see in the service technicians as well as specific talents and abilities.

For example, when you go into a gas station’s restroom, your expectations may be lower than when you go into the restroom at a five-star restaurant. When you go to the garage for maintenance on your car, you are anticipating a different setting than you would expect at the computer repair store. Everywhere you go, there is a set of expectations, which change depending on the service or product you are seeking.

Of course, some expectations do not change. Regardless of whether you are in a five-star restaurant, your local quick market/gas station, at the computer repair shop, or in the garage with your mechanic, there are certain qualities you expect every time. In all likelihood, your expectations include: services to meet your needs, quality and consistency, a trustworthy provider with a solid reputation, a fair price with value, communication, professionalism, and assurance.

When it comes to a great commercial cleaning team for your business or organization, you should get all this and more. So, when you are seeking a trusted professional commercial cleaning service, make sure they meet the following criteria and exceed your expectations.

Services That Meet Your Needs

This not only means they have hours to meet your work environment’s schedule, but also cater to specialized cleaning needs. Most companies offer basic cleaning tasks like vacuuming, dusting, removing trash, replacing liners, and bathroom cleaning, but what if you need more? You want to be sure the commercial cleaning service you engage also offers specialty services including carpet and upholstery cleaning, power washing, window cleaning, stripping and waxing floors, tile cleaning, and more.

Quality and Consistency

When choosing a commercial cleaning service, you want to know not only that they deliver quality services, but provide those services on a consistent basis – meaning they have a set service plan to meet your specific needs every time.

A Solid Reputation

Choosing a trustworthy provider with a solid reputation is paramount, after all they are cleaning your offices and other work spaces where you maintain proprietary information. Never hesitate in asking for references and always follow through with speaking to each one. In addition, check internet sources for reputation and ratings by actual clients, noting years in business and experience.

A Value-filled Fair Price

You want to choose a company that provides value with a fair price – not the cheapest nor the most expensive. The saying, “You get what you pay for” is often very true! A commercial cleaning company should offer your business a free estimate and a pricing proposal based on your needs.


As you know, in any business transaction or contractual agreement, communication is key. Choose a company who will be easily available to answer questions and provide needed solutions.


Professionalism is manifest in appearances – the company itself, the company’s website, the professional cleaning personnel employed, along with the quality service provided. In addition, professionalism means the company is well-equipped for the job you are hiring them to do – commercial cleaning equipment and specialty supplies.


Hand in hand with a solid reputation is trust and assurance that your business is secure when you are not there. The commercial cleaning service should perform background checks and ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured.

When you are ready to hire your commercial cleaning team, call on the professionals at Tidy Team to learn about our professional cleaning services and get a free quote.