Retail Cleaning Before and After the Holiday Rush

A clean, orderly store is good for your business, making a good first impression and welcoming customers. The issue arises during the holiday rush, how will you keep your store clean during the busiest shopping season of the year? A clean, organized store makes shopping easy and enjoyable for your customers. To help you stay on top of your retail store’s cleaning needs, a commercial cleaning service may be the perfect solution. A professional retail cleaning service knows just want to do to get your store clean before, during, and after the holiday rush. This helpful check list, prepared by the experienced professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services is designed to ensure your cleaning service is doing the job well – keeping your retail store at its best during the holiday shopping season.

Cleaning Your Carpets and Polishing Your Floors

Of course, you want your carpets clean and your floors shiny and clean year round, but keeping them clean during the holiday shopping season is a must. Clean carpeting helps elevate your brand image, prompt positive reviews, increase sales, and build your repeat customer base. Did you know that recent studies have shown that up to 15 percent of customers will stop shopping at a location that is not as neat and clean as expected? Vacuuming can help, but to stay really clean, carpets should be deep cleaned, especially before and after the holidays. Clean carpeting means ridding your retail space of allergens, germs, and unpleasant odors which may detract from your customers shopping experience. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning also prolongs the life of your carpeting, removing dirt and grime, and keeping your carpeting free from signs of wear.

Did you know that nearly half of all customers look at floors to determine the cleanliness of a business? Giving yet another reason to keep your floors clean, polished, and maintained. Having your hard surface flooring stripped and waxed regularly helps to welcome customers to your store. Whatever your flooring type, your commercial cleaning service should be adept at caring for its unique needs – be it hardwood, tile, concrete, laminate, or vinyl.

Hardwood floors are the most susceptible to damage from the traffic of holiday shoppers. The best daily maintenance for hardwood is to sweep it free of debris and dirt tracked in by shoppers. Your cleaning service will then use a specialty cleanser during regular to clean and protect your hardwood surfaces.

Tile is a great option for retail stores because it is so durable it can handle the traffic from holiday shoppers. Sweeping daily is easy, low cost maintenance, which can be followed regularly by your commercial cleaning services non-abrasive cleaners and specialized equipment for maintenance and cleaning.

In recent years, polished concrete flooring has risen in popularity in retail settings because of its unique aesthetic, low maintenance, and easy care. It is strong and can easily handle holiday foot traffic, and won’t absorb stains from dirt, debris, or spills. Your commercial cleaning service should provide the proper tools and cleaners to maintain and care for your concrete flooring.
Laminate and vinyl flooring are both water-resistant, durable flooring options which are easy to maintain. Keep in mind that too much water or liquid can loosen adhesive and damage these types of flooring, so cleaning up spills right way is imperative. Sweeping is a good option for daily cleaning, while your professional cleaning service mops and cleans for regular maintenance.

Bathroom Cleaning

With the holiday rush, your retail store’s bathrooms will experience more frequent use, which means the need for more frequent maintenance and cleaning. While your employees may do spot checks and minor clean ups, your commercial cleaning service should be utilized for deep cleaning. Even more than floors, up to 65 percent of customers avoid stores with poorly maintained restrooms. So, keeping dirt, bacteria, debris, and odors out of your restrooms means higher customer satisfaction as well as ensuring the health and comfort of those who utilized your facilities.

Should you increase the visits of your commercial cleaning service during the holidays? Considering the frequency and number of customers visiting your retail store, more frequent cleanings are a great idea. If your current cleaning team isn’t meeting your standards, call on the professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to get the job done for you.