The Risks in DIY(Do-it- Yourself) Cleaning at Your Business

The Risks in DIY(Do-it- Yourself) Cleaning at Your BusinessMany business owners feel the money saved with DIY(Do-it- Yourself)cleaning is worth the effort, but in reality, there are significant risks and added liability with the practice. And the truth is, cleaning is a necessity in each and every business. Let’s explore the risks to DIY cleaning at your business and discover the simple solution to keeping your company clean.

The Risk

The most common injuries suffered by those in the professional cleaning industry are slip and fall injuries. These injuries often come as a result of workers cleaning on wet surfaces, moving heavy furniture to clean, and climbing on ladders to reach out of the ways spots which need cleaning. On top of that, those in the cleaning field often suffer back injuries, a result of continual twisting and bending to get the job done. Research shows that cleaning service professionals are injured twice as frequently as all other workers.

As a business owner, when you perform these tasks or assign them to your employers, you are putting yourself, your business, and your team at risk. And on top of that fact, you are taking a valuable employee away from the important function you hired him or her to perform in your business. Time spent cleaning means time lost in doing their primary function to make your business a success. Additionally, you gain liability for those employees as well as potential customers and guests of your business.

If one of your employees is assigned cleaning duties like washing windows or mopping floors and they are injured in the process, your workers’ compensation insurance will need to cover their injuries. In most cases, you’ll end up with a costly workers compensation claim along with an increase in your premium. In addition, the injured employee will cease to be productive in their primary capacity, and your team’s overall productivity and morale will hit rock bottom.

The Solution

You could hire a full-time custodian, but keep in mind that hire will cost you considerably more than just an additional salary and benefits. You’ll face added costs for worker’s compensation insurance, as well as the costs of all the tools, cleaning supplies, and equipment required to do the job well. Plus, your business will need additional space to store the cleaning supplies and equipment.

There is a better solution. You and your business could partner with a trustworthy professional cleaning service whose team will deliver all the equipment and supplies to get your commercial space cleaned right in a timely manner. A commercial cleaning service like Tidy Team Cleaning Services will also ensure the proper safety measures are taken and safety signage is always in place, and, in case of an injury, their liability coverage is in force to cover the costs.

And another fact you may not have considered is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance. OSHA requires every business to ensure a clean, sanitary, and serviceable location. This means as the business owner, you must develop and maintain a schedule for cleaning, service, and supply. Depending on your industry, proper handling of all materials, including cleaning chemicals is required. To ensure compliance, OSHA inspectors come on site and inspect your business.

With a professional cleaning service partnership, your business will be OSHA compliant, with service employees will be equipped with the proper protective clothing, safety goggles, and gloves, and trained in the proper handling of chemicals as well. They know the cleaning solutions which can be combined and which combinations to avoid in order to keep themselves, you, your employees, and your customers safe.

Avoiding the risk of DIY cleaning is easy when you call on Tidy Team Cleaning Service to get the job done right, on time, and within your budget.