Say Yes to Pressure Cleaning

Winter in Florida is certainly nothing like the Northeastern part of the country, but the warm and humid climate can result in mold and grime on the exterior of your business just the same. Now is the ideal time to say yes to pressure cleaning your business, getting it in tip top shape for the spring and summer. While Florida often seems like year round summer, that and humidity often means mold and mildew, as well as other concerns. Here in Florida algae buildup is another concern, particularly around exterior spaces, like entryways and common areas used by businesses.

The Advantages of Pressure Cleaning

One of the advantages of pressure cleaning is the avoidance of chemicals which can harm your property, as well as your landscaping, and cause health issues for employees and clients, are not needed to get the job done right. Dirt, grime, dust, mud, mold, and mildew are removed safely with the use of water. For companies who want to take care of their property, ecologically and safely, pressure cleaning is the ideal choice. Pressure cleaning avoids the use of harmful chemicals which can be toxic to local flora and fauna, as well as pets, and even humans. Pressure cleaning is environmentally friendly, and gets your property perfectly clean without harm. With dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and grime removed, your buildings exterior is protected from premature aging which often occurs on wood, stone, brick and other surfaces.

For businesses, pressure cleaning prevents the worsening of the damaging effects of Florida’s heat and humidity, eliminated mold, mildew, and algae buildup. The result, your company’s facility looks great and you make a positive first impression on customers and ensure your employees are happy with their workplace environment. Pressure cleaning, not only works wonders on your building’s exterior, but also on fencing, driveways, parking lots, doors, signs, awnings, and more. Pressure cleaning helps your business make a good first impression with a well-cared for, welcoming exterior that showcases your business proudly.

Hiring a Service to Pressure Clean

As you seek a professional cleaning service to pressure clean your business, it is important to choose a team with the expertise and know how to get the job done well without causing any damage to your property. Pressure cleaning, done right, restores the appearance of exterior surfaces, by removing mold, mildew, dust, dirt, stains, algae, rust, and grime. It can also be used to remove peeling paint in preparation for painting and property renovation.

You will want to select a cleaning service with a well-trained staff who understands how to handle the pressure cleaning equipment properly, avoiding any damage to your business, and follows safety protocols in regard to your employees and customers during the entire cleaning process. Pressure cleaning can be performed on buildings, roofs, walkways, entrances, driveways, parking areas, awnings, even fleet vehicles for every type of business.

Pressure cleaning is safe and economical, and helps you enhance the appearance of your business while making a positive first impression. Pressure cleaning uses water (cold or hot depending on the surface and what is being removed) and high pressure for completely effective cleaning without the use of harmful, often toxic chemicals.

Call on the Experience and Expertise of Tidy Team Cleaning Services

Say yes to pressure cleaning done by the experts at Tidy Team Cleaning Services. The team has the experience and knowledge to effectively pressure clean the exterior of your business including roofs, enclosures, driveways, sidewalks, entries, parking areas, and more. Plus save more time and money by calling on the team to take care of all your interior cleaning needs as well including regular office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, tile cleaning, floor waxing, and more! Call today (954) 782-1506.