Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to the healthcare facility, there’s more to clean than the comfort of patients and employees. It’s crucial to everyone’s health and safety. Further, emptying trash, setting patients’ beds, and organizing exam rooms isn’t enough to justify thorough cleaning in the facility. There’s a lot you need to do to prevent the spread of contagious germs on surfaces and in the air. 

That’s why it’s essential to call in a professional cleaning company for this job. They’ll disinfect, sanitize and restore fresh odor in the facility. As such, you can have a clean and healthy surrounding that gives you the confidence to work. With that said, here are seasonal cleaning tips for healthcare facilities:

Create a Personalized Cleaning Program 

The first impression matters a lot when a patient walks into your facility. Being a healthcare facility, cleanliness portrays the quality of service you are offering to your patients. However, it will take an effort to structure the cleaning schedule to maintain great standards. 

While all health facilities offer similar services to patients, each has a unique set of requirements. And that’s why a personalized cleaning program is essential in maintaining your facility clean. This approach will ensure there’s the maintenance of a clean and healthy environment. To get this right, here are some ideas:

  •     Create a cleaning schedule for regions with higher traffic, especially during busy times. 
  •     Set aside deep cleaning days, such as national holidays when the facility is least busy or on a break. The cleaners can scrub the floors, and clean carpets, among other deep-cleaning services. 
  •     Determine days of the week with extreme foot traffic
  •     Determine the season of the year when there are highest patient activities and boost cleaning services  

Use the Right Cleaning Agents 

Without proper cleaning agents, even the most thorough cleaning is ineffective. Therefore, using the proper cleaning products is essential for health and safety in your facility. What’s more, you must clearly distinguish all-purpose cleaning from disinfection and sanitization. For instance, would you use an all-purpose cleaner in the exam room or theater where disinfection is essential? Therefore, it pays to identify the right cleaning agent and use it on the right surface. 

In House Staff Cleaning Schedule 

Hiring a professional cleaning company for your facility is resourceful. But, there are moments when the in-house cleaning staff needs to come in. And this is because professional cleaners come in after business hours to provide their services. On the other hand, in-house cleaners will be useful during working hours. When a patient is discharged or leaves the exam room, immediate cleaning is essential to prevent contamination. 

The in-house cleaning staff is probably trained and experienced to deal with the traffic during working hours. As such, they are the right parties you can rely on in maintaining your facility clean. But even so, it’s important to remind them of their essential role in maintaining the facility clean. If possible, additional training and written guidelines will help foster this into their daily routine. 

To give you an idea, look at the following key area:

  •     What procedure do they follow when cleaning an accidental spill? 
  •     Are they using the right cleaning procedures in general?
  •     Are they employing the right cleaning agents on the right surfaces?
  •     How do they clean the staff workstations? 

Final Tips 

Lastly, were the seasonal cleaning tips for healthcare facilities helpful to you? Well, reach out to Tidy Team Cleaning Services for professional cleaning. By combining a dedicated team of expert cleaners, experience, and effective cleaning products, we guarantee an optimal result. 

Therefore, contact us today and book a slot whether it’s for daily, monthly, or weekly schedules. Through this personalized cleaning program, rest assured you’ll love our services.