Spring Cleaning Your Office

Spring Cleaning Your OfficeSpring cleaning your office, not only includes the annual cleaning of the windows, floors, carpets, and all the big tasks which come to mind, but also the smaller tasks you can set aside to spring clean your office and keep it that way all year long. Working in a fresh, clean office space increase employee morale and makes employees more productive. Here are some tips to help you spring clean your office and keep it that way!

Hire the Professionals for the Big Jobs

At Tidy Team Cleaning Services, the professional cleaning team can get the big cleaning jobs done for you including steam cleaning carpeting and upholstery, pressure cleaning building exteriors and walkways, window cleaning, and floor cleaning and waxing, tile and grout cleaning, and more. Professional cleaning services can also handle weekly cleaning jobs in your office. But after the pros are done with the big cleaning projects, here are the tips to help you keep your office spaces clean and fresh between commercial cleaning visits.

Clean and Disinfect

Though you and your staff may be fairly neat and tidy, dust, crumbs, dirt, and fingerprints still build-up on and around office surfaces. Keeping disinfecting wipes available for your employees will help keep desks, countertops, keyboards, telephones, and other surfaces, clean and germ free. Doing so will also encourage your staff to keep their office spaces organized and thus more productive.

Organize Your Office Spaces

Seeing that each of your employees’ office spaces are well-organized will help create an organized work environment. Set an example by establishing guidelines and setting up zones for daily functions. Each of your team members should have space for his or her computer, an area for research, storage for supplies, and filing space – providing for an efficient use of office space.

In organizing office spaces, remind employees to only keep what they need atop their desk, putting away extra pens, papers, files, etc. Keeping each desktop free of clutter, with only monitor and keyboard, a pen on two, telephone, lamp, and a family photo, will mean a cleaner workspace and greater productivity. Supplies, paperwork, and other items should be kept in the desks or designated areas.

If necessary, employees can keep a basket or filing box for short-term storage items, like files they are working on during the week. Other personal items (purses, gym bags, shoes) should have cabinet space where they can be put away during the work day and not cluttering the office work areas.

Paper, Paper, Paper

While the digital age promised a paperless office, today, everyone realized it was a false promise. Most offices are buried in paperwork. Even so, there are ways to end the clutter caused by the endless steams of paper crossing your employees’ desks in a day. Utilize hanging files or bins for your team members to keep their paperwork organized and available. With labels like to read, to do, to file, ongoing, complete, needs attention, etc., your staff will know where everything is and be able to work efficiently without endless stacks of files and paperwork cluttering their desks.

In addition, and while on the subject of paperwork, set guidelines on when file cabinets need to be cleared and old information shredded. Adding more file cabinets only clutters the space, especially when your cabinets can be de-filed on a regular basis, ultimately keeping your office more organized.

The Outerwear Dilemma

Rather than having employees keep outwear, umbrellas, etc. at their workspace, create an area where these items can be hung or stored during the work day. If space is at a premium, it may mean using hooks in the break room, but it’s still better than having jackets, sweaters, umbrellas, and more cluttering the workspace every day.