Store Cleaning Tips for Black Friday

Store Cleaning Tips for Black FridayBlack Friday 2017 is fast approaching! As the biggest retail sales day of the year, you put your products on display with special signage, while prepping your sales staff for the much-anticipated barrage of customers which will result in a highly profitable Black Friday. Is it possible you forgot one little, yet very important detail regarding your Black Friday presentation?

Impressions are Lasting

While you have attended to all the details, there is one important aspect of Black Friday, you may have missed. Black Friday in your store sets the tone for your customers all the way through the holidays and into the new year. Is your store as clean as possible for the Black Friday crowd? Remember, Black Friday shoppers are on a mission, and having your store clean and tidy for the sale can make a lasting impression on your customers.

This year, why not consider a special visit from a professional cleaning service to add a bit of extra sparkling clean to your store for your important Black Friday visitors? A clean store along with clean bathrooms can make all the difference in your customers’ perception of you and your store. Along with your aisles, your store’s restrooms get hit extra hard on Black Friday and with today’s social media, the word of a mess in your store will spread faster than a wildfire, damaging your chances for a profitable holiday season.

Remember presentation is everything from your displays to sales counter to floors. Cleaning your store for the Black Friday Rush is crucial to making a positive impression that will last for a long time.

Cleaning to the Next Level for Black Friday and Beyond

  • Welcoming Entrances – Make sure inclement weather and excessive foot traffic does not make your entrance a hazard. Keep your visitors safe by trading out worn, dirty entryway mats for dry, clean, slip-resistant floor coverings at your entrances. This will also help keep your interior floors clean all season long.
  • Disinfecting Frequent Touch Points – Door handles and knobs, railings, shopping carts, checkout counters, and bathroom fixtures should be disinfected frequently to keep them shining and clean. An added bonus, this will help prevent the spread of germs among your employees and customers.
  • Sparkling Windows – Keeping windows and glass displays clean is key to making a good impression. Clean your outdoor windows frequently to increase visibility and allow light to shine inside your store. Keep towels and glass cleaner on hand for interior touchups and keeping glass displays sparkling throughout the day and night.
  • Adding Trash Receptacles – By placing trashcans at intervals throughout the store, you can keep customers from dropping paper, coffee cups, food wrappers and other items on the floor of your store. Double bag your receptacles and empty them often to keep your store looking and smelling clean all day.
  • Increasing Bathroom Inspections – Too important not to mention again, have your employees join in the effort to keep the bathrooms clean. If every checks conditions when they visit, the bathroom will stay sparkling throughout the day.
  • Preparing for Unexpected – Accidents happen, spills occur, toilets overflow. By preparing for the unexpected, with paper towels, a mop, cleaners, and stain removers on hand you will be ready, just in case. Also have the number of your plumber and commercial cleaning service on hand, if the unexpected needs extra attention.

Call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services today and get your store ready to impress the flood of shoppers coming your way on Black Friday this year! Always happy to give you a free estimate and customize your cleaning plan, Tidy Team Cleaning Services is your trusted go to commercial cleaning service every day of the year.