The Effects of Dirty Floors on Business

You may have never considered the effect of your floor on your business. If your floor is kept spotlessly clean, you don’t have to worry. But, if your floor is less than its cleanest, you may want to take a look at the effects those dirty floors can have on your business. No matter what business you are in, your floors need to garner the same degree of attention to cleanliness as the rest of your business. The floors, whether carpet or hard surface, are most affected by debris, dirt, dust, and well, trash. Think about it, the foot traffic of your employees and customers contributes a lot but so does every little bit of material that is not disposed of properly. The truth is your dirty floors can negatively affect your business in a number of ways.

Negative Effects on Your Employees

When the floors of your business aren’t cleaned properly, illness among employees increases. Germs, including bacteria and viruses, as well as allergens, cause your employees to suffer illnesses and allergies, resulting in increased absences. When you don’t clean your floors, they become home to thriving disease causing germs, which can prolifically multiply, causing your employees to be affected negatively. A professional cleaning service with the expertise, supplies and equipment can get your floors clean, sanitized, and disinfected effectively helping your employees stay well. And thus, reducing sick leave and medical expenses.

Unhealthy Employees means Reduced Productivity

When your employees are sick or out of work, business suffers because productivity is down. Dirty floors increase illness among employees, and when they must be out of work, your business also suffers. Funds must then be spent on health related issues, rather than invested directly into your business. Plus, if sick employees come to work, they are less productive, and risking spreading their illness to their co-workers, and before you know, your entire workforce is ill.

Dirty floors can also lower employee morale, resulting in lowered productivity. Many employees feel that a dirty work environment signals their employer doesn’t care, a trait they will soon mimic, causing low performance and making your business suffer.

Ruining Your Image and Your Brand

Protecting your image and your brand is key to your business success. A lack of cleanliness in your business is a seemingly small detail which could quickly damage both. Your team members aren’t the only ones who can be taken ill due to a less than pristine business environment. Customers can become ill as well, plus they also notice the lack of attention to detail (cleanliness in this case) maybe even more than your employees. Customers will leave without hesitation if they believe you don’t really care about your business, after all if you can’t be bothered with keeping your company clean, what does that say about the other aspects of your business?

Dirty Floors Don’t Last

Did you know that keeping your floors clean actually increases their longevity, saving you money? It’s true, dirty floors are more prone to damage and wear more quickly than clean ones, regardless of their makeup or material. Accumulated dirt and debris damage flooring when they aren’t removed on a regular basis. Damaged floors mean expensive repairs or replacement for your business.

Get the Help You Need to Keep Your Floors Clean

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