The Essentials of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning and care is crucial for your business. Whatever your business – restaurant, retail, medical, health and wellness, law, insurance, industrial, or other – your windows make a first impression on potential customers and clients, as well as colleagues and even your own employees. Streaked, dirty, smudged, or stained windows make your company appear, well, dirty and unkempt. If your business is heavily trafficked, like a restaurant, retail, or medical establishment, you want to make sure your windows are clean and sparkling to make a good first impression. And even if you business doesn’t see a lot of customer foot traffic, dirty windows still can result in a less that positive first impression for those who enter as well as those who are just passing by.

The Issues with Windows

Depending on the location of your business, some businesses’ windows need cleaning more than others. For example, if your company is on a busy thoroughfare or highway, your windows need cleaning more frequently than those whose businesses are in residential areas or located on side streets. Year round, weather is also a factor in the state of your windows as dirt, grime, and debris can result following the rain and wind from stormy weather. On top of that, if your windows are on the first floor, they can also fall victim to water runoff, mineral deposits, dirt, and road debris which can stain your windows with a white haze that is hard to remove.

In addition, the landscaping surrounding your company, while it may add curb appeal, can also be the cause of dirty windows on the exterior of your business. Sap from trees can leave streaks, while dirt, mud, grass, mulch, and more, kicked up by lawn maintenance and landscapers can easily make its way to your windows. Plus, sprinkler systems can streak and spot windows.

Did you know the design of your building can also result in dirty windows? Inset windows easily collect grim and dirt. And, if your building doesn’t have proper drainage, storms and runoff can mean a buildup of dirt, grime, and debris on upper level windows and sills.

Solving Your Window Cleaning Problems

Cleaning your windows or having them cleaned on a regular basis is the key to showcasing your office or facility in the right light. It means bright, clean, beautiful windows that allow natural light in for your customers and employees, while improving your first impression on the outside for potential new clients. Regular cleaning prevents buildup, streaks, and clouding. So, just how often is regular cleaning?

Cleaning more often, before you see grime, smudges, and streaks, is the best approach. If you wait until you can see the grimy buildup, your customers have already seen it as well, and it gives the impression of not caring. To potential and current customers, this will likely be translated that you don’t truly care about your business either – not at all the impression you are hoping to make!

Retail businesses and restaurants, which have a great deal of foot traffic will need to clean windows frequently to provide a positive first impression, welcoming consumers and patrons into your business. Other businesses, like insurance or law offices won’t likely need to be cleaned as frequently but will still need regular cleaning. In an industrial facility, office windows will command the most attention to make a solid first impression to visitors. Medical, dental, and healthcare establishments should be spotless, indicated the high level of care patients can expect.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services

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