The Real Reason Pompano Beach Professional Cleaning Service For Gyms Is So Important

cleaning Service For GymAccording to the science of microbiology, all Pompano Beach commercial gyms need a professional cleaning service on a regular basis. It all boils down to sweat, which is endlessly dripped and dropped throughout your gym and has the potential to be lethal when left unchecked.

If you want to earn new customers and maintain current customers you must provide a clean space to work out in. If your gym looks even a little bit dirty people are not going to want to work out there, no matter how low you offer monthly membership fees. If bacteria or fungus at your gym infects people they may write about it online, say for instance in a review, preventing others from even giving your gym a try. 

People want to workout in a clean environment where they don’t feel fearful of catching something or getting sick. Anyone that joins a gym cares about health and appearances, and that means your gym MUST be clean.

Tidy Team knows the importance of professional cleaning services for gyms, and we also know what it takes to actually get things clean. Many bacterium, viruses and funguses found in gyms need to be cleaned using special processes and substances. Otherwise, you may be doing nothing to stop the actual spread of harmful bacteria.

The first step to tackling the germs in your gym is to know exactly what you’re up against. The 3 most common microorganisms found in gyms include: staphylococcus aureus, ringworm and influenza.

A Closer Look At The 3 Most Common Microorganisms Found At The Gym

There are many microorganisms found in gyms, some are harmless and some are not. Microorganisms are life forms so small the human eye can’t see them alone. For this reason, an entire world of nasty bacteria can bloom in your gym and you’ll never see it coming… until it’s too late. If you looked at your gym through a microscopic lens you might be shocked at what you would find.

Staphylococcus aureus is commonly found in gyms. Pull up bars, mats, barbells, fitness balls and anything else getting sweated on is likely to become infected with this type of bacteria. This type of bacteria is incredibly hardy and can survive months of air-drying. Also, S. aureus is resistant to many types of disinfectants. You may think a quick spritz around the gym at the end of each day is sufficient to kill basic bacteria like this, but it’s most certainly not.

Luckily, most healthy individuals exposed to S. aureus will not show any signs or symptoms, as the normal immune system is generally able to fight it off. On the other hand, if someone has a weakened immune system for any reason, even lack of adequate daily calories, they can become sick with either a systematic or localized infection.

Tidy Team knows how to kick Staphylococcus aureus to the curb, keeping your gym clean and safe for all.

Dermatophytes (Ringworm) fungus is another common icky side effect of many people coming to the same place to sweat. Dermatophytes can cause fungal infections anywhere on your body, including in your hair, beard or nails. It’s popularly referred to as ‘athlete’s foot’ when it develops on your foot. 

Transmission generally requires human-to-human contact, but that doesn’t mean your gym is off the hook. Dermatophytes prefer warm, moist places to live, spores will accumulate in this type of environment just waiting for a host to attach to. Gym showers are a great place for Dermatophytes to flourish and infect an unsuspecting host. Dermatophytes may also be spread if someone infected with ringworm sweats on a mat. The next person that comes and sweats on the same mat has a fair chance of developing ringworm.

The cleaner your gym, the less chance you have of an outbreak.  It’s not just work out equipment, but floors, showers and locker rooms require thorough cleaning as well. 

Influenza virus is another common culprit lurking in gyms across the country. It’s not uncommon for people to work out at the very beginning of the flu, as they may not know they are sick yet. All it takes is someone using the same equipment after a sick person and next thing you know, 1/3 of your gym members have the flu… and you may too. This is why it’s so important to regularly disinfect all equipment, stopping influenza in its tracks.

Tidy Team offers affordable Pompano Beach cleaning services for gyms. We help you take your gym to the next level by providing superior cleaning services your clients recognize and appreciate.