Tile and Grout Cleaning Explained

Tile and Grout Cleaning ExplainedCommercial Cleaning Services always work in ways convenient to you, so as not disrupt the business of your business. Professional commercial cleaners are expertly trained to clean your hard surfaces floors and walls quickly and efficiently cleaning your tile and grout. Professional cleaning keeps your tile looking great but also extends the surfaces life, saving you money. At the same time, clean surroundings work to welcome guests (potential clients and customers) to your business, make a great first impression, and even provide a safer, cleaner environment for your employees.

Pre-Cleaning Instructions for Tile and Grout

Before your cleaning service arrives, unless you’ve made special arrangements with them, there are several things you’ll need to do to get ready for your tile and grout cleaning. Step 1, you’ll need to remove all the furniture from the tiled floor, using felt pads or other methods that won’t damage your tile. Next, remove any fragile breakables from countertops, built-ins, or bookshelves in the space being cleaned. You will also need to remove rugs, mats, plants, trash cans, or any other items on the floor surface. Finally, sweep or vacuum the floors if that is not included in your cleaning contract.

What to Expect on Tile and Grout Cleaning Day

Your professional cleaning service will begin with a preliminary inspection of all the tiled areas to be cleaned. They will identify and note damaged tile or grout, as well as identify areas that are heavily soiled from high traffic, so those areas can get the special attention needed. This inspection will allow the cleaning service to determine the best cleaning method for your tile and grout. They should then explain the plan of execution as well as answer any questions or concerns you have.

Next, the cleaning team will pre-treat spots, stains, and heavily soiled areas with a state of the art cleaning solution. The commercial cleaners use high pressure truck mounted cleaning and extraction equipment, along with cleaning agents and tools to remove dirt, ground-in stains, and discoloration from the tile and grout of your flooring, cleaning even dirt and grim deep in the grout.  Once the cleaning is complete, this cleaning method delivers a clean water rinse followed by the extraction of excess water. During the cleaning process, great care is taken to protect adjoining walls, baseboards, and corners. Once cleaning is complete, all tiled areas are dried thoroughly.

Finally, if you have requested it, the cleaning team will seal all grout lines, with a clear seal application designed to promote even color, preserve cleanliness, waterproof the flooring, and prevent damage. Following your cleaning, the team should verify your satisfaction with your tile and grout cleaning.

Post-Cleaning Instructions for Tile and Grout

Your will need to refrain from walking on the freshly cleaned tile and grout for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you have added the sealant to your tile and grout cleaning project, you will need to allow the sealant to cure for 24 hours. This means no liquid should get on the tile surface. After 24 hours, you can return the furniture and rugs to your floors.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Time

The time needed to complete your tile and grout cleaning will vary depending on the amount of soil on the tile and in the grout, the size of your tiles, and the configuration of your company. Call on the Team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to provide you with exceptional tile and grout cleaning services, where you can receive a free quote as well as an accurate estimate of the time needed to get your job done well!