Tips For Deep Cleaning Dirty Tile Grout

Tips For Deep Cleaning Dirty Tile GroutMost dirty tile grout, even moldy grout, can be cleaned with the right materials and tools, as well as some elbow grease. Tidy Team utilizes proven methods to deep clean even the dirtiest commercial tile grout.

You can attempt to clean tiles and grout yourself, but it often requires professional methods and tools to clean and remove deep stains.  Overtime the build up of dirt and other debris will discolor grout so that no amount of scrubbing can fully restore initial shine. We utilize a 700-1000 psi steam cleaning truck mount to remove deep-set dirt and stains from both grout and tile. After we are done, your tiles sparkle like new. In between professional cleanings, there are some things you can do to keep your tile and grout looking great.

The Baking Soda & Vinegar Method

This method works on all colors of grout, but beware using vinegar on marble or limestone, as it can be harmful to surfaces.

Step 1: Create a thick paste by combining 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water.

Step 2: Use your fingers to apply a hearty amount of the mixture on top of grout. You may want to wear gloves to prevent finger irritation, although this solution is completely non-toxic.

Step 3: Combine 1 part white wine vinegar and equal parts water inside of a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on top of the baking soda paste. You will instantly start to see the mixture bubbling; this is a natural chemical reaction that should last a few minutes.

Step 4: The bubbling will cease after a few minutes, letting you know that the chemical cleaning action is complete. At this time, use a nylon bristled scrub brush to scrub in the grout lines. Pay close attention to edges and corners.

Step 6: Use a mop or clean rag soaked in water to completely remove the baking soda and vinegar. Regularly rinse your mop or rag and change out the water in order to prevent spreading the mixture all over the place.

What If There’s Mold In Tile Grout?

If tiles are covered in a black substance that appears fuzzy-like upon closer inspection, you’re likely looking at some type of mold. This is especially common in bathrooms or other areas that attract a lot of moisture. Every bathroom has bacteria growing in it, mix bacteria with a hot and humid environment (often found near sinks and in showers) and you have the perfect setting for mold to grow.

We remove mold from grout and other surfaces, leaving you with a guaranteed clean and toxic-free space. There are DIY methods for removing mold, outlined below, but when dealing with mold in a commercial location you don’t want to take any chances that it lingers behind.

Step 1: Combine 3 parts baking soda and 1 parts water to create a thick paste.

Step 2: Apply the paste to the grout and let it sit for as long as needed, this could be as long as an hour or two.

Step 3: Use your scrub brush to remove mold using brisk back and forth motions.

Step 4: Rinse the area and thoroughly dry.

You may need to repeat this process several times to see results.

Prevent Tile & Grout Mold From Returning

Once you successfully get rid of mold there are some things you should do to prevent it from coming back.

-Add fans near areas that are prone to mold development. Make sure fans are running whenever the area is moist.

-Keep windows open in order to encourage fresh air circulation.

-Make a mold-prohibiting solution to be regularly sprayed on surfaces. One type of solution can be made of equal parts vinegar and water, poured into a spray bottle. Another solution that works is 10 drops of tea tree oil poured into a spray bottle filled with water. Use either one of these solutions to spray areas prone to mold each day, use the mist setting and spray for around 4 seconds each time.

Why Do You Need Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning?

Overtime, no matter how much you clean your tile and grout, surfaces will start to break down and become more susceptible to stains, mold and other unsightly build-ups. Regular spot cleaning cannot deep clean the portions of your tile and grout that need it most, that’s where Tidy Team comes in. Our advanced cleaning methods, chemicals and tools restore the look of tile and grout, making them last for many more years, all while maintaining a like-new appearance.