Tips for Commercial Cleaning When Moving Your Business

Whether you’re upgrading to a bigger facility or changing location, moving your business is quite stressful. To no surprise, cleaning of the new and old facility may end up being a secondary option. But that shouldn’t be the case because cleanliness is essential, especially before getting into the new facility. 

Since there’s a lot to do throughout this process, hiring commercial cleaners will be helpful. You’ll have spare time to notify your clients about the relocation, coordinate the relocation, and even manage your workforce. With that said, here are tips for commercial cleaning when moving your business: 

Do you need commercial cleaning when relocating your business?

You need the services of commercial cleaners on both ends. You need them to prepare where you are moving into, and also clear the mess where you’re moving out of. On that point, here are tips for move-in and move-out cleaning services:

Move-out tips 

Commercial cleaning services are beneficial to both landlords and renters when relocating from one business space to another.  During this time, floors, carpets, fixtures, and walls get a thorough cleaning, restoration, and refinishing. 

Considering the significant amount of cash you paid as security for that space, getting most of it is essential. On the other hand, losing a section or the whole of that amount can negatively impact your business. And that’s because you’ll be using your business money to pay for the security deposit of the new place. 

And if you don’t recover the other deposit, it means your business will suffer a significant financial loss. Luckily, you can avoid losing most of that money by hiring professional cleaners. They’ll help restore the look of that place. 

Move-in tips

Moving in on their hand also requires commercial cleaning, especially if that place has been vacant for a while. With time, dust can build up in a vacant facility even if it was cleaned thoroughly by previous owners. Cleaning that place one more time induces a refreshing feel that encourages productivity. Also, it improves the hygiene and sanitation of that space. 

Managing Move-in/ Move-out cleaning services

It’s simple to manage commercial cleaning services for move-in and move-out. Simply book a cleaning appointment with the cleaning company a few weeks earlier. You can discuss with them how they’ll undertake cleaning on both ends. Also, ensure the inspection is part of the service. 

Move-out cleaning 

Depending on your moving-out strategy, you can schedule cleaning of the space in stages. For instance, they can work in that space late in the evening or at night when your business is not active. Or they come very early in the morning so that they don’t disrupt your staff and clients during working hours. 

Move-in cleaning

Move-in cleaning is more complicated than move-out. First, you must consult your new landlord or the seller. Thereafter, you should organize a visit to the property with the representative of the cleaning company. During this visit, the cleaners can design a cleaning plan for that space. Two days to move in, the cleaners can go over and clean that place.  

When moving in staff, the floor or wall can get damaged easily. Also, walking in with shoes and dusty furniture can mess up the space. To avoid these setbacks, the movers should use rollers when moving in heavy furniture. They should use moving blankets and shoe covers to ensure the floor remains intact throughout the process. 

Getting Started 

Are you moving your business to a new space? Well, cleaning experts at Tidy Team Cleaning Services will help you out. They’ve got experiences on concerns and challenges businesses face when moving out. Through their expertise, they’ll design a cleaning plan suitable for your business space. 

Since your deposit is at stake, rest assured they’ll deliver a remarkable cleaning service that will pass property inspection. And thanks to that, you’ll get a significant portion of your deposit if not all of it.