Tips to Help Keep your Office Clean

Tips to Help Keep your Office CleanThe cleanliness and organization of your office makes a big first impression when potential customers, clients, and colleagues enter. And, obviously, you want to make a positive first impression on all who enter. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Tidy Team is key to keeping your office in tip-top condition on an ongoing basis. Even so, there are a number of things you and your employees can do to keep your space clean between professional cleanings. Doing so means your office is always welcoming, professional, clean, and orderly. Here are some tips to help you and your staff keep your office clean, organized, and looking good, between professional cleanings, as you welcome your visitors.

Eating at Your Desk is a NO-NO

Whether you are a clean or a messy eater, eating at your desk makes a mess. Crumbs, spills, and other debris from your food and beverages will find a way onto your desk no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Keyboards, drawers, desktops, files, and floors will catch all and make a poor impression on potential clients. Additionally, these food particles can also attract unwanted pests into your office space. Though no one intends for it to happen, it does. If possible, ask your team members to avoid eating at their desks. Providing a breakroom or lunch room will help, but if you don’t have the space, make sure your employees know to clean up after eating so food particles, paper waste, and spills don’t accumulate. You don’t want your professional cleaning service to spend all their time cleaning up employee messes, but want them focused on the overall office environment. When your professional cleaning team has to focus these areas, plus the areas you’ve contracted them for, it costs them time and you money.

Keeping Desktops Neat and Organized

While on the subject of employee desks, its important that your employees keep their desks organized and clean. Even when your office space is squeaky clean,  an unorganized desk can make it look otherwise – unprofessional and, well, dirty. When your team members keep their desk organized, with unused items out of sight, they avoid the appearance of chaos and clutter, and give clients colleagues the professional impression you seek.

Timely Filing

While today’s offices use electronic filing systems for most records and documents, very few offices are paper free, in spite of virtual record keeping. There is still a great deal of paper generated in offices around the world and this paper can pile up and overwhelm if not handled properly. Office still need filing cabinets, whether they exist in individual office spaces and cubicles or in a centralized file room. Either way, your employees are essential in keeping these essential paper records and documents filed in a timely and proper manner. On top of that, documents and records which are no longer needed should be shredded or recycled. Recycling is a great way for your office to not only keep clean, but help the environment and save some precious resources in the process.

Spot Check of Entryways, Reception Areas, and Waiting Rooms

Entryways, Reception Areas, and Waiting Rooms often make the first impression on visitors to your office. Since your goal is to always make a positive reception, let your team members know that keeping those areas free of trash and debris is everyone’s goal. Customers often leave trash behind, like cups, newspaper, gum wrappers, and more, and quick spot checks throughout the day by employees can mean the difference between a good first impression and a bad one. Ask your employees to spot check these areas regularly cleaning up any ‘trash’ left behind by your customers inadvertently.

Tidy Team Cleaning Services is ready to come alongside you and your team members to keep your office environment clean, professional, and always making a great first impression!