Top Tips For Successful End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Top Tips For Successful End Of Tenancy CleaningThere are a number of components involved in successful end of tenancy cleaning. Landlords look for many different things when they go through the inspection process. Dirty carpets, a couple stained burners, or the smell of smoke can all lead to steep cleaning fees, which means you get back less (or none) of your deposit. Not only could you lose your entire deposit, but you could be billed for additional costs. In order to get back your full deposit, the place needs to look just like it did when you moved in.

Tidy Team specializes in end of tenancy cleaning. We know all of the most important spots to focus on, from removing bad odors to deep cleaning carpet stains.

The Most Important Areas To Focus On

Some of the most important areas to focus on include:

Kitchens: From the floors to the ceilings to the burners on the stove, everything needs to be cleaned to perfection. Make sure to wipe down cabinets on the outsides and insides, the same goes for your refrigerator, microwave, oven and any other appliances. Don’t forget about the burners on your stovetop, which can get really caked up with filth over time. You can buy replacements at your local Home Depot for a few bucks each, or try soaking burners overnight and then scrubbing them clean the following morning.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms accumulate all kinds of germs, bacteria and scum stains. Removing hard water build up as well as calcium and limestone deposits is key to making your bathroom(s) look like new.

Windows & Walls: From the windows to the walls, make sure everything is scrubbed and wiped down in order to remove stains, grease buildup and so forth. Clean windows on the inside and outside if possible. Higher story windows may require professional cleaning services. We are more than happy to add exterior window cleaning to your end of tenancy cleaning services.

Upholstery & Carpeting: Sofas, carpeting and anything made of fabrics or materials that absorb smells and stains more readily require careful cleaning and disinfecting.

We offer all of the following tenant move out cleaning services, plus more:

-Mop floors, we also specialize in resurfacing and waxing floors

-Vacuum and/or steam clean carpets

-Remove any spots or scuffs from walls or other surfaces

-Dust every last inch, including hard to reach places, insides of window sills, ceiling fans, baseboards, etc.

-Complete kitchen cleaning

-Complete bathroom cleaning

-Dust and spot clean light fixtures and power points

-Clean mirrors, remove all spots and smudges

-Remove cobwebs

-Polish taps

-Deodorize the entire business or residence

All of our services can be personalized to fit your exact needs.

How To Get Rid Of Tenant Odors

Foul odors can be caused by anything from cats to smoke, and removing them can present a number of challenges. Thankfully, with the right tricks up your sleeve there are ways to successfully remove odors and reveal a fresh smelling place that people actually want to move into. There are a number of things you can do to help remove bad household odors.

For one, remove all furniture and accents from the space to seek out the source of the smell.

Open up all of the windows and let in plenty of fresh air to get rid of stale and funky odors.

If nothing seems to remove bad smells, it might be because they are deeply embedded in the walls, carpets and so forth. Deep cleaning carpets can help remove deep set in odors without removing and replacing carpeting.  

Deep clean and repaint walls for an affordable way to remove bad odors and freshen a place up.

You can light all of the scented candles in the world, but some end of tenancy cleaning jobs are best completed by a professional. If you cannot remove stubborn odors or stains, simply give us a call and we’ll get it clean in no time.

Contact us today for a free quote on residential or commercial tenant move out cleaning services.