Stripping & Waxing

Let us take care of the most difficult and tedious part of your tile floor maintenance. Vinyl tiles that are not sealed and waxed are easily damaged or worn out. We will strip the old dull wax layers from the Vinyl tiles with the help of a stripping solution and reapplying new wax for a new and improved look. Tile waxing helps in making the Vinyl tiles look brand new.

Tidy Team, a family owned and operated company specializing in all types of commercial and office cleaning since 1985. We steam clean carpet and upholstery, ceramic tile and grout. Office cleaning daily-weekly, pressure cleaning, vinyl tile cleaning and waxing, window cleaning, construction cleaning, and move in and outs. Call us at: (954) 782-1506 today for reliable tile cleaning, grout cleaning, steam cleaning and other related services.