Where Your Cleaning Crew Missed – The Dirtiest Places in Your Business

Where your cleaning crew missed likely raised images of what you consider the dirtiest places in your business. You probably thought of the office bathroom no one wants to keep clean, the entryway where employees and customers track dirt and grime in daily, or maybe the breakroom where germs, bacteria, viruses, mildew, allergens, and mold may be thriving – waiting to infect you, your employees, and your customers.

Recent studies have shown these areas to be among the dirtiest in your business – sink faucet handles and microwave door handles in the breakroom, computer keyboards and mice, coffee pots and telephones. Are you surprised? Probably not really, but today, the professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services take you deeper, into the dirtiest places in your business and offer tips on how you, your employees, and your cleaning service can keep those areas clean.

Cleaning Supplies and Tools

First of all, every business should have cleaning supplies and tools available for employee use throughout the day. This have never been more true than now, in the age of coronavirus. The problem is many of the cleaning tools and supplies you have made available aren’t clean, even though you and your employees may be using them on a regular basis. Make sure cleaning towels, sponges, and other items like brooms and mops are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Employee Awareness Can Reduce Contaminants

Informing your employees of the dirtiest areas in the business can help improve cleanliness and reduce contaminants in your space. Most employees are aware of the potential risk for infection in the restroom, but do they feel the breakroom is just as risky. Providing ample opportunity for frequent handwashing can help as can alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout the office. Encourage frequent hand washing with soap and water when employees arrive at work, after restroom breaks, and after meals or snacks in the breakroom. Have hand sanitizer near all high touch points for the convenience of employees and customers or clients. Provide disinfecting wipes at desks and workstations so employees can keep the areas clean throughout the day.

The Office Breakroom/Kitchen

As already mentioned, the communal office breakroom/kitchen boast some of the grimiest touch points in the office, though one would hope it would be among the cleanest. Like many of the dirtiest spots in the office, the kitchen may be one of the most unexpected. The counters likely get wiped, and maybe the sink, but the faucet handles are rarely cleaned though touched by all who enter. The refrigerator handle is another compromised touch point, but possibly less so than the interior of the fridge. Do you even know when it was last cleaned? The coffee station, whether it is in the kitchen or elsewhere is also a dirty spot, because while most people clean the inside when prepping a new pot, they rarely clean the handle or the other parts. From the faucet to the microwave handle, the fridge handle to the interior, and the coffee pot and all its accoutrements (creamer, sweetener, sugar containers), encourage employees to wipe after every use. You also want to set a refrigerator cleaning schedule for weekly wipe downs of the interior.

Computers, Calculators, Phones, and More

These are the tools of the trade, touched and shared by many employees throughout the day. In fact, computer keyboards and telephones may be among the most germ infested items in the office. Encouraging employees to wash hands frequently, wipe down touch points with sanitizing wipes, and use hand sanitizer when they can’t wipe is a great start for keeping germ infestation low on these surfaces.

Call on Tidy Team to Keep Your Business Clean

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