Window Care is Essential for Your Business

Window Care is Essential for Your BusinessWhether you have retail, restaurant, healthcare facility, office, or industrial space, window care is essential for your company’s cleaning program. In an office or healthcare facility, fingerprints, nose prints, smudges, streaks, and dirt make an otherwise clean property appear dirty. For retail businesses and restaurants, this problem is compounded by heavy traffic in and out of the establishment which needs to greet customers and diners positively. Even in industrial environments, dirty windows mean a less than favorable first impression.

The Problems

Some windows require more cleaning than others. Windows on businesses near busy highways and streets experience grime and dirt accumulation much faster than those in less trafficked areas. Landscaping around your building contributes to dirty windows with dripping sap from trees and grass, mud, dirt, and mulch from landscapers working outside and splattering up onto your windows. 

Weather is also a factor in the dirt, grime, and debris that appears on your windows. Wind and rain brings leaves and debris even to the highest floor windows on your building. Windows on the first floor get dirt, road salt, water runoff, and mineral deposits. Those mineral deposits and stains result in that hard to remove spotty white haze, which when left alone can cause your windows to become permanently cloudy in appearance. Even sprinkler systems can cause streaks and spotting on your windows.

On top of all that, your buildings architectural design can make your windows dirty. Inset windows seem to collect dirt and grime. Without the proper drainage in bad weather, runoff can cause streaks as wells buildup on sills and windows.

The Solutions

Regular window cleaning is necessary to keep your facility looking bright, allowing in natural light, and enhancing your company’s image to your customers, clients, colleagues, and employees. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis will prevent buildup, cloudiness, and streaking and keep your windows sparklingly clear. How do you know how often to clean your windows?

First and foremost, it is better to clean more often than to wait until you see the dirt and grime building up. Looking at your dirty windows can give the impression to outsiders that you are going out of business or you simply don’t care. Often by the time you get to this point, all the people you hoped to make a good impression on have the wrong impression.

If your business is a retail store with lots of customer traffic in and out your doors, your windows need to be cleaned frequently. Competition is fierce in the retail world and you want your customers and potential customers to have a positive first impression by way of your sparkling clean windows. If they walk or drive past and can’t see in your windows and get a glimpse of your products due to all the dirt and grime, they’ll likely make a visit to the competition.

Depending on the type of offices you have, your windows won’t need to be cleaned as frequently as retail businesses. Offices in industrial facilities may need to be cleaned more frequently than others, while lobby windows in all facilities should be given extra attention to make a good first impression. Doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals should be cleaned frequently to be spotless and let patients know if you take such care with your facility, you will certainly take good care of them. Restaurants should clean their windows frequently as well, after all dirty windows will completely take away the image of quality food and cleanliness you want to project.

These tips should get you well on your way to understanding the importance of window care. And when you need help to keep those windows in tip-top shape, call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to deliver the best in commercial cleaning services.